Red Steel 2 screens

Ubisoft have released 3 new screens for the newly dated Red Steel 2

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dgroundwater3248d ago

Looks slick. It's like a half manga Borderlands. Running at sixty frames will be nice too.

EvilTwin3247d ago

How about 85?

"The title plays and looks like the version I demoed extensively during E3, but of course the setting is different and some notable refinements have been introduced. Similar to the first level I saw, the canyon stage sports stylized, quasi-cel-shaded graphics drowned in particle effects like fire and distortion and everything runs at 60 frames per second. The game never so much as hiccups. In fact, Vandenberghe noted that in some cases, the fluidity is locked at upward of 85 frames per second."

Gr813247d ago

Holy hell. I think this title will be quite the success. I know I'm looking forward to this one.

JosiahB3247d ago

Yeah, with such good graphics I'm amazed they can keep it at a steady 60, let alone 85!

EvilTwin3247d ago

To be fair, the qualifier used is "in some cases." 60 FPS will be the standard for the majority of gameplay, it seems.

But Ubi's Lyn engine is looking pretty darn formidable. There are some great sparks and particle effects in the gameplay clips I've seen. And I guess it helps to have cel shading, where you aren't having to sacrifice what you can do onscreen by nailing detail/complex texture maps on walls, foliage, etc. at the same time.

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