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ZeroTolerance writes: It has been a long time coming. The sequel to BioWare's space opera is finally here, and it is once again time to step into the shoes of Commander Shepard. Mass Effect 2 is easily one of the most hyped sequels since Halo 2, and believe it or not, it really does live up to the expectations. Everything that we loved so much about the first one has returned, while all the things you likely had issues with have been alleviated. The frame rate is stable, the quest system is more streamlined and the combat rivals some of the better shooters. Mass Effect 2 is a prime example of what happens when an amazingly talented developer takes all of the criticisms of their first effort to heart, and delivers a sequel that redefines the genre.

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Montrealien3243d ago

So ZeroTolerance, did you like Mass effect 2?

likedamaster3243d ago

Heh. Good reviews all around. Congrats Bioware.

A Cupcake for Gabe3243d ago

I am happy with the reviews on Mass Effect 2. I am jealous that it's not on PS3. Yeah, I'm getting it for my 360, but I am a trophy skank. Platinum is a like crack, but that adds the replay value...hehe

Any who Congrats to Bioware. The have released the first GOTY contender for 2010. Let's hope it holds up all the way through the on slaught of badass games coming this year. This may take Fallout 3 out for best RPG of this gen. But let's see.

likedamaster3243d ago

It's the same with Cheevos, since 2005 though.

"trophy skank"

Nice one...

BreakNeckSpeed3243d ago

10/10 reviews Galore!

Bioware must be extremely happy. They deserve the praise. If you have an Xbox 360 or PC.. Buy this game!

cmrbe3243d ago

The first game disappointed me very much because it was more of a shooter. Now reviewers are saying that the RPG element that was in part 1 is almost non existance. Is this the evoultion of RPG that you westerns really want?. To be a shooter?. Perhaps i am being too harsh and call me old fashion but if its not turn based and last more than 40hrs its not an RPG to me.

-MD-3243d ago

"old fashion but if its not turn based and last more than 40hrs its not an RPG to me."

That's pretty much a jrpg.

hazardman3243d ago

It's an RPG..the decision making alone makes it an RPG..Also it just happens to be that the characters have high tech guns and's no different than Oblivion and swords and sorcery..or Star Wars and the ones is even complaining about that so just play the game..Im also starting to like the western rpg more than the jrpg.

Montrealien3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Call me old fashion, but an RPG involves a Pen, and some Paper, and can last as long as you imagination lets it.

just saying.

The Wikipedia Article has it pretty spot on though.

(A role-playing game (RPG) is a broad family of games in which players assume the roles of characters, or take control of one or more avatars, in a fictional setting. Actions taken within the game succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines.)

Mass effect is a Role Playing Game, end of story.

oh, and cmrbe. Saying (You westerns) is, just bad.

likedamaster3243d ago

Hate finally rears its ugly head. Welcome back to your fanboy self, Cmbre.

Good reviews all around.

kewlkat0073243d ago

....There is a difference elements between wRPG and jRPG.

DMason3243d ago

You're talking about a JRPG dude. Mass Effect 2 is more of an RPG than a shooter, trust me. I played it over the weekend and 9/10 of the game was making decisions and leveling up. This is a western RPG at it's core, and a shooter second.

cmrbe3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

So i am a fanboy for questioning why this game is considered a RPG?. lol!.

@Dmason. So i guess RC is also a RPG then. You people are funny.

caffman3243d ago

fallout 3 as a RPG or FPS?

Aquanox3243d ago

A game doesn't need to be purist to be good. With your way of thinking we'd be stuck with the original Doom and/or FFI gameplay.

Bioware does what others don't because it's way too hard to achieve.

cmrbe3243d ago

Its an abomination. Fallout 2 is 10 times better. Completely ruined.

Montrealien3243d ago

In the end, cmrbe is just here to argue. He thinks the world revolves around his belly button, and that speaks volumes.

cmrbe3243d ago

of course i am here to argue. I am not here to get virtural hi-5's and yes the world revolves around my belly button. Glad you finally get it now lol!.

8thnightvolley3243d ago

RPG= ROLE PLAYING GAME....what is a role playing game... its one which u are required to make choices of some sort which can alter the path of the plot or enhance a character to each ones taste one way or the other...

Now r days games do cross the line of genre to bring a more dynamic ... mass effect falls into the hybrid of a third person shooter and an RPG.. being 50/ 50 percent ...

being not turn based doesnt mean its not an RPG if u want turn bas
ed then u are looking for a JRPG .

this is a wonderful game and i hope gamers get their hands on this beautiful software.

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Hakimy3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

what the guy means is that do decisions has any importance in the battle itself? in jrpgs its your decisions in the battle that determines the mass effect does this happen? cus from what I'm seeing,those decisions affect the scenarios but not the battle itself.are there options like attack,defense,summon,magic,ev ade,etc when you fight an enemy? if not and you are pressing a button to shoot and a button to dock then this is pretty much a shooter to me.thats why jrpgs feel more like a special genre.wrpgs feel like shooter/action with scenario derisions.but I could be wrong so I hope someone will clarify this to me ;)

@ Montrealien : do you do these actions by pressing different buttons or you choose those from commands list while fighting?

Montrealien3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

If I decide to freeze, shock, concusion shot, warp just to name a few, In the heat of the battle, it clearly has an effects in the battle, and its all in real time.

I am starting to think that some people just dont understand how Mass effect, or the difference between Western RPGs and Jrpgs.

Montrealien3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

You pause the game and chose from command list for your party members, you can bind 3 spells to your main character. Have you ever played a bioware RPG?

If you mark the defining features of an RPG as making decisions during battles, well, you have more then your fare share of decisions to make in your typical battle in Mass effect 2.

Hakimy3243d ago

actually no.I didn't play wrpgs to be honest.there was a friend who showed me oblivion but my impression was like this -_-'.my brothers who are jrpgs fans played mass effect and were disappointed and told me to skip it.I saw videos of dragon age and didn't like it mainly because of the horrible character I saw videos of mass effect 2 and if someone told me its a great shooter,I would have agreed.but then I hear that its an rpg and I was like :S. I'm a guy who only played mega drive,psX and ps2 games and the only rpgs I played were japanese so you might understand my confusion XD
I wish I could see a video which shows me how decisions are important in battles in mass effect might change my view over wrpgs :)

Montrealien3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I disagree cmrbe, I see 2 people that don't get it at all, sorry.

JRPGs are one genre, stop putting every rpg into one pile. You like JRPGs, thats good, but that does not mean Mass Effect is not an RPG. You keep on saying that you don't see decisions as being important in battles, you have many decisions to make during a battle in Mass effect 2.

It's really not that complicated.