How Importing a Mass Effect Save Affects Your Mass Effect 2 Experience

Last month Bitmob tried to pry some information out of BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka on how Mass Effect 2 would interact with your Mass Effect 1 game saves. His response, while tantalizing, was short on details. Now that Bitmob has a retail copy of the game, they can take you step-by-step how the import process works -- and tell you precisely what bonuses you can expect to receive for completing the first game.

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bearsfaan3243d ago

This is a really cool feature. Those bonuses seem like a pretty nice reward. I really should go back and finish the first game - it seems worth it.

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Myst3243d ago

Wow someone created an account just for this? N4G shall be fun in the months to follow then with all the other games coming out.

Anyway, yeah I would say finish the game bearsfaan; but all of this can be gaining easily in the game anyway. At least credit wise I've been hacking a few things and got at least 5,000 from some ( or maybe it was 3,000 ) either way the hacking part is at least fun as a mini-game purpose and you get rewarded. Leveling though, I guess it kind of helps :p.

Raf1k13243d ago

Yeah the hacking mini games are pretty cool. An improvement over the previous which wasn't bad in any way.

bbretterson3243d ago

Definitely finish up the game, bearsfaan. Not just for the goodies -- it's a damn fine story, too!

Nihilism3243d ago

That really sucks that the game automatically decides that the citadel was disbanded if you don't continue a save game, I don't have any complete saves kept. But I have intention of playing the douchebag route in the story where humans rule the galaxy...

Myst3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Wow I actually put 'gaining' instead of 'gained' jeez I'm slipping a bit. Yeah Raf1k1, though the previous ones were super easy, the ones we have now seem to be more fun than anything else, then again it may wear down a bit ( at least for me ) after my 10th play through or something :p.

Also I agree with what bbretterson has stated.

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Raf1k13243d ago

If only I still had my save game file.

bearsfaan3243d ago

My 360 with my original game save (about 5-6 hours in) got stolen last year. I'd have to totally start over. I guess I can't complain about needing to play an (older) awesome game so I can go play another awesome game.

divideby03243d ago

Just wished that my 2nd 360 didnt go RROD and lost the save.
I tried to backup with a usb flash drive and it didnt work.

My 3rd 360 I just hope can stay alive for this game, which I bought today

JasonPC360PS3Wii3243d ago

Everyone knows you don't own a 360, nice try though.

HDgamer3243d ago

Just get the Superior PC version and it's the perfect 360 emulator.

divideby03243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )


Look up my Live ID..same as my name here. I never hide behind alias..
I have been a charter member of Live since Day one..longer than most around here

You just got OWNED....LOL...

send me a friend request....on Live.....dont matter to me.. I will be playing ME about 6pm EST.....tnite....

I was gonna buy the PC version, but opt'd not to since BB didnt stock it. It had to be preordered...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3243d ago

"Just get the Superior Windows PC version and it's the perfect 360 counterpart."

Fixed... have a good day :)

HDgamer3242d ago

Nah PC > All. Which is why if I wanted High quality without loading times I would get the pc while you're stuck with 2 discs and both are scratched.

elpresador3242d ago

...if one is like myself and others and played the first on the 360 with save files why the hell would we go for the PC version since there is no way to import a save file from a 360 to a PC?

Also, have you, I dunno, PLAYED the 360 version? I gotta say, though on PC some things may be minorly cleaned up but, it looks awesome as hell on the 360 and load times are next to nothing.

No, why dont you go to the store and buy yet another $500 gfx card that we all know pc gamers upgrade like 5 times a year and leave us alone.

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