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On the surface, MAG appears to be little more than a standard military FPS with a rather special gimmick. And while that is certainly the case to some degree, there's more to MAG than meets the eye. The control system might misfire and it might whiff of 'been there, done that', but when the FPS action is as accomplished and solid as MAG's is, there's plenty of enjoyment to be had especially if you're fortunate enough to assemble a crack team of mates to play with. 255 mates though? That's a bit of a stretch. Better get on Facebook now.

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blitz06233241d ago

so where is mesh1's FLOP FLOP FLOP post? I guess he has a brain too since 8/10 is no where near a flop. He would only post those things on 7 and below.

On topic, good score. That's what I would expect from early reviews like this one.

callahan093241d ago

8 is a good score, but I still think it's too early for these reviews. They're not based on the patched retail version, they haven't experienced every map, they haven't had the chance to go into any depth with it. All these reviews are based on superficial impressions right now, so I'll just continue to take them with a grain of salt.

darthv723241d ago

The selling point of this game is the amount of players. The number or variation of maps really is not as significant as the total number of players in a single session.

I think most reviewers are going to see it for what its worth. A "massive action game" with emphasis on player capacity than jaw dropping visuals and originality.

Nothing wrong with an 8.

sinncross3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )


I mean, you cant even do 256 games im told without reaching a certain level first.

The game has been out for not even a day... how many ppl do you think have reached the level for 256 players matches?

baum3241d ago

Nasim (iron_sheik) is harassing me by PM even though I love my PS3 a lot more than my 360 or Wii, how do I get him banned?

xabmol3241d ago

Giving a review score off a BETA and a 2 hour press event for a huge online only, heavily level-up/rank based game that would take weeks to get anywhere in, is like giving a review score for WoW after playing for less than a day.

soljah3241d ago

i agree with "its to early to review a game like mag".but the author of this review seems to get the game right. he understands what zipper is doing even giving them credit for not just turning out another socom or generic shooter 101 and moving the shooter and online gaming in general forward to the 21th century. MAG's appeal is much deeper then most shooting games out there, maybe not for everyone but for those that understand mag and have a good list of friends to play with it is very addicting,

onanie3241d ago

The large player capacity in itself could be a basis for originality, especially the hierarchical aspects of it. But, things do easily escape you, don't they?

Snoogins3241d ago

I didn't give a crap about this game, which is why I avoided the beta. However, recently, I'm actually growing a lot of interest in it. The reviews are questionable in that they seem to be based on initial impressions and bad experiences with noobs instead of giving the game more time and judging it on its inherent merits. Screw the reviews, though. I may end up getting this game yet, as it looks like a fun experience with a lot of depth when you dig beneath the initial impressions.

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Kakihara3241d ago

Mag seems to be like communism. It's a fine idea in theory but just entirely impractical. There would be nothing cooler for military shooter fans than a game in which large organized squads fought a real tactical war. The trouble is, anyone who's ever played any game online knows this just ain't gonna happen. At least not to the level that it will work.

You may as well release an Internet game in which people sit around intelligently and maturely discussing the problem of racism and homophobia in our society.

raztad3241d ago

You can say the same about capitalism, or do you think everybody is happy and having three foods/day in this world?

MAG is a good idea, masterfully realized. No lag, very technical and fun, its only "error" it's not to be very casual friendly but casuals already have MANY games to choose from, isnt it?

Callahan above is right when he points out it's way to early to pass judgement on a game that is barely starting to form fanbase. In a week, when the dust settle people will be playing the game the right way. I know because I went through that in the beta.

ryuzu3241d ago

Just because it hasn't been tried yet doesn't mean it shouldn't be tried does it?

Zipper have taken a gamble and gone further than anyone else for a long time and so far, all reviewers agree it works.

May not be to everyone's taste though, but if a community develops it will be worth the risk. Zipper have successfully provided the tools, now it's up to the players.

If it gets the kind of following SOCOM (even Confrontation) has then we're in good shape.


cmrbe3241d ago

However you got to start from somewhere some how.

Knowing the SOCOM community. This game will achieve squad based tatical gameplay and become the biggest and best PS3 online game. The only other game that might rival it on PS3 is the next Warhawk or starhawk.

Kakihara3241d ago

Okay, maybe I was a little harsh on it. I'm sure if an Internet community that exists outside of the game itself manages to organise squads to play against each other in closed games that keep out kids who join for two minutes at a time and run around shooting anything it could be great. I'm just saying usually, even if a game is super hardcore it doesn't really keep away the casual gamers. It simply means they'll join, complain a little and be all the more annoying. If the game has the option for closed battles and if enough people get behind it I can see how it would be fine.

cmrbe3241d ago

No, as i said. Fair point. However i am just poining out that even if MAG inherits a fraction of the SOCOM community which it will. MAG preorders are higher than any other PS3 shooter btw. You got to start from somewhere. SOCOM is they most tatical shooter i have ever played.

sikbeta3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

"There would be nothing cooler for military shooter fans than a game in which large organized squads fought a real tactical war. [The trouble is, anyone who's ever played any game online knows this just ain't gonna happen]"

The Game Mechanics don't let you go and fool around like in other MP games, obviously you can play as a Rambo wannabe and get killed so easily cuz you're not "following the rulz", so you'll never gain Experience and forget about progress in the game, so what's the point or why someone will spend $/€60 on this game to play like a jerk?

I know that in every game exist a Dumb-kid that want to F#ck up the game, but this Game is Massive, so it'll a minor issue ...

onanie3241d ago

Ideas could fail, but without fine ideas, could there even be a fine outcome?

MAG is a fine idea nonetheless, and having experienced it, it does appear to be a fine outcome.

While it is reasonable to have a certain level of skepticism, one should think about rewarding innovation, out of respect for a more diverse gaming future. Of note, MAG isn't necessarily about the number 256, but about the hierarchical organisation of the players - something which has never been done before on this scale.

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happy_gilmore3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

why didn't i hear that when you were reviewing modern glitchfare 2 and failo odlc?

mag is a hardcore game. that's its only fault. reviewers want easy games. that's how prince of persia got high scores.

Aclay3241d ago

For a game that's as in depth as MAG, I think it's still rather early for a review that best represents the game... I mean, GameSpot posted their Killzone 2 review a good week or two after most other major sites did so that they could spend a good chunk of time with the Multiplayer.

The best representative reviews of MAG will probably be the ones that come out several days from now or later on after that b/c I doubt someone could get the most out of an MMO like MAG in just a day, especially since the Servers didn't go live until last night/early this morning.

For now I think it'll end up somewhere in the Low-Mid 80's on Meta once all the reviews are in.

cmrbe3241d ago

and then offcourse there is WKC and FF13. Sometimes having a choice can be a bad thing.

sikbeta3241d ago


MAG, this Game is HUGE.... for obvious reasons... XD

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