Welcome to Starcraft II Beta?

During the Jace Hall Season 3 teaser trailer you can clearly see Jace Hall, Dustin Browder and the Starcraft II team toasting with a background displaying the interface with the words: Welcome to Starcraft II Beta !!!

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Maticus3216d ago

That video's a joke though, isn't it?

Redrudy3216d ago

let's hope it's not another false start.

Medievaldragon3216d ago

And they are toasting to this background. You know, that's really really ... I'm speechless.

player_729853216d ago

/Super_excited. There's too much information coming and going now for it to be a fake, I really am hoping, and wishing for this to finally be the time for the SC II Beta!

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The story is too old to be commented.