Modern Warfare 2 Nuke Guide

Have you gotten your 10 nukes before prestiging yet in MW2? If you really want that nuke emblem, this article describes some Classes, Killstreaks and Strategies to help you get your nukes!

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lociefer3216d ago

so basically this guide tells you to ruin the game by camping / using grenade launchers, ya, real pros

JimmyJames703216d ago

I was thinking the same thing about the camping, but does that really ruin the game? Do snipers ruin the game? That's kind of like asking, Do snipers ruin a real, actual war? Sniping and camping is part of war, and so it's part of the game.

Is a real soldier less of a real soldier if he uses a grenade launcher instead of a rifle?

Maybe you should write a strategy guide on how to find and kill campers, snipers and how to defend against grenade launchers?

lociefer3216d ago

when ur sniping ur not camping, u cant just be in the middle of the battlefield with a sniper u have to hide, but u cant also have an ak or a grenade lncher in that case and just stand in a corner and camp, how would u feel if you entered a mw2 match and u found it deserted coz every1 was in a corner camping ?

f7897903216d ago

@1.1 I agree.

Except witchers need to be dealt with. Nobody goes around stabbing people in war. Well except for this case

JimmyJames703216d ago

@lociefer how would you feel if you entered an MW2 match and everyone was hiding as a sniper? Then you have to hunt them down. It just changes the game.

Don't get me wrong. I think campers and snipers are an extremely frustrating aspect of the game right along with grenade spamming. It's just something that's part of the game. You can either go on hating it or change your strategies to deal with it.

If you get shot everytime you run around a corner, you'd stop running around that corner, wouldn't you? You'd sneak up on 'em from a different direction and get them that way.

Chnswdchldrn3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

@ 1.1

um did you just compare Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 to real life warfare?


oh and BTW camping and camping snipers and noob tubes DO ruin the game, and MW2 and real life are two very very separate things

trust me i've [email protected] played it

oh and camping in shooting games and stuff is alright as long as its at a minimal and they are at somewhat of a disadvantage to more skillfull players, but no, not in MW2. It is encouraged AND [email protected] rewarded. Any [email protected] can camp and get a nuke easy

MiloGarret3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

If you can't kill a camper you shouldn't be playing shooters. Especially one in a game in which there's a thing called killcam. Seriously, the dudes are just sitting there, go get em! If you're in a playful mood, wait for him/her to return, then kill them again, and again, and again. Don't forget to slightly alter your location though. There are few things funnier than sitting there waiting for the camper to return and witness the same crap over and over.

Enemy soldier walks, crouching, to the last spot from where you killed him.
Enemy soldier looks around, confused.
Enemy soldier is shot in the face.


Also, I almost puked when I read this.

"Primary Weapon: AK47 with a grenade Launcher
Secondary Weapon: Thumper grenade Launcher
Equipment: Semtex
Perk 1: Scavenger Pro
Perk 2: Danger Close Pro
Perk 3: Steady Aim Pro
Killstreak 1: Harrier Strike
Killstreak 2: Chopper Gunner
Killstreak 3: Tactical Nuke
Deathstreak: Final Stand"

If you have to do that crap to get a nuke, you should stop playing shooters too. Also, be prepared to be sniped by me.

Guido3215d ago

And as we all know, campers are douche bags.

Friends don't let friends camp.

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PimpHandHappy3215d ago

will stop campers from getting kills

MiloGarret3215d ago

Not unless you're also using cold blooded because they'll just bust out a thermal sniper.

Lich1203215d ago

Maybe he meant SKOKE-ING. In that, if everyone on your team smokes you won't get nuked... because you and your team will already be dead from lung cancer.

SprSynJn3215d ago

A little over a month till Bad Company 2 releases. :)

Dsnyder3215d ago

Nah I like having a life.

fetussandwich3215d ago

your life is coming on message boards where people are debating about video games to tell them they have no lives. why even get out of bed in the morning? and at what point will you realize your biggest insult is to yourself?

rivera3215d ago

what works for me is just choose any combo of guns/perks and the harrier, chopper gunner and the nuke. go in domination then just go as good as i can and when i get a harrier i run as far away as possible and hide (not camp) where the enemy wont go. then hopefully by the time im hidden the harrier gets enough kills for a chopper gunner,, then i just kill as many as i can. by now ill normaly have a nuke but if not i just try nd get the last few kills by beeing as carful as possible, so realy its just gettin a 7 kill streak for a harrer then the nuke gets itself.

the only things that can go wrong is if sumone takes down the harrier or chopper gunner. also getting a nuke doesnt mean u have to be awsome at MW2,, u just have to be better than everyone else lol. so realy its just luck that u get placed in a match with other ppl who suck at MW2. although the better you are the better the chance everyone else is worse than you.

ive been playing mw2 since it came out im only lvl 68 (havent prestiged) and ive gotten 5 nuke so far. and i started trying bout lvl 40. my kill death ratio is 1.87 nd i rarely play and ive gotten 5 nukes so far with that stradegy :)

MissMalicious3215d ago

I totally agree with you rivera, thats the exact strategy I use.
Though, like you said, the harrier and chopper gunner are too much to rely on.
And it's always a good idea for silenced weapons.

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