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From "MAG: Massive Action Game is one of those 'does what it says on the tin' titles (like Gratuitous Space Battles, for instance), so it's perhaps unsurprising that MAG actually is a massive action game. And in MAG's case, massive has never been more appropriate a label, with online multiplayer support for up to 256-players, across its four equally enjoyable objective-based game types."

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this game is siiikk, better play this strategicly, not run and gun. thats why i love it.

SeanScythe3241d ago

This guy didn't play the final game. Because he says he wished the game had an offline mode to get started with.

From PS.Blog today: The final game also includes a handy offline training mode, unique armors, new cinematics, art galleries, trophies, and the always-popular Veteran Mode that lets you start all over again with a permanent XP bonus and the ability to switch your faction after hitting the level cap. Of course, graphical and audio improvements are in there too.

ryuzu3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Yeah I notice that none of the reviews have talked about any offline component - yet the beta had the option right there in the menu just locked.

Doesn't give much confidence in their opinion - particularly a site named Strategy Informer. Strategy implies, thought, consideration, deliberation and then action.

This guy seems to have pulled the trigger on the review before actually playing the final game :/


EDIT : Oh wait wait wait. I thought this text sounded familiar - it's the same as the review. This is dupe.

VileAndVicious3241d ago

Its a good game.... I know that most of the reviews have been on the beta ( which was great IMO) but Im actually very suprised that MAG has been received so well! I mean I was certain it would get a 6 here an 8 here a 5 here ect. But great scores for a great game.

Dirk Benedict3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Sounds great. MAG is shaping up to be one of those games where I can get a session in, or two before hitting work. Zipper have really brought food to the table and I want seconds.

Color me pleased.

VileAndVicious3241d ago

Of course he didnt. Im sure that any reviews that show up before like Friday are purely based on the beta. But me personally I loved the beta and made my decision based on my experience with it. I think its crazy that alot of gamers really want to wait until they see a review even though they played the beta and either liked it or didnt but apparently by the magical approval of a good review they will fall in love with the game or condemn it to hell lol.... I just dont understand