New Dead Rising 2 Screens. Mmmmm Tasty.

Shaun of OLC writes:

Today Capcom released a couple of new Dead Rising 2 screens to get us salivating and one of them shows how "Chuck will be able to combine items to create new weapons…judging by the number of zombies surrounding him he's gonna need them."

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StanLee3248d ago

Dead Rising is a game I never got into. I don't know why so many people loved the game. It's mindless and tedious but it seems that's what games want these days.

Demon55003248d ago

So I guess you do not like zombies, zombie movies, zombie games?
Well then why post in game zone if you do not like dead rising 1/2?

While some zombie games are done well some are not but one thing that is foreshore? Dead Rising is going to be bad a$$? better graphics, new locations, new story, new weapon's. even more zombies thousands more so I heard? should be a good game :) I also hope they ad the gow guys like they have with LP2...:)

Daver3248d ago

I never played the 1st one but i like zombies! loll I will consider buying it if they remove the timers i heard there was time to do the things in the 1st one and i hate that in a game.

Jamegohanssj53248d ago

I can't wait especially since I never will get the chance to play the first.


vhero3247d ago

Finally some new screenshots even if it is three this games been delayed almost as much as Alan Wake!

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Kakihara3248d ago

I found the first one way too 'Capcom' and this one looks about the same. I have to buy it though or the 8 year old zombie movie fanatic that's still in me will die.