Mass Effect 2: Zaeed DLC delayed on Xbox 360

BioWare has announced on its official forums that Mass Effect 2's Zaeed DLC has been delayed on Xbox 360.

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WildArmed3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Havn't picked up my copy yet.. Wondering should I switch my preorder to PC?
Well considering I gotta play the GAME first, it wouldn't matter.
But yeah.

I like controllers better than keyboards and mouse so I planned on getting the 360 version. (I have both saved files of ME on my 360 n PC since i own both).

Btw, it's Paid DLC on both platforms right?

Myst3243d ago

Well you could always sync your PS3 controller to the laptop/PC you know that, so that could eliminate the controller issue. As for which version that call is totally up to you. The DLC for Zaeed is free I believe, just took a look at my Cerberus card thingy and it seems like it would be a free item.

WildArmed3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

oh even better if its free/ thanks 4 the reply

Yeah I play most of my games with the Ps3 controller on PC-- <3 playing PS1/PS2 games on PC.. my orignal PS2 was PAL version, so I have some PAL games that my new ps2 can't play

i also rather play on the HDTV over my small-er monitor (compared to the tv). Too lazy too move my desktop to that HDTV.
Man, it's going to be a tough call.. but I dont have time to pick up the game till the weekend so I'll think it over