2K Sports VP Tasked With Preparing for Return of NFL 2K Franchise

Article quote: "Word has it that TakeTwo Interactive is planning a mini fire sale in the near future in an attempt to secure an NFL license in three years which would end EA's long standing monopoly on professional football games.

Greg Thomas, senior vice president of sports development for 2K, has reportedly been tasked with putting together a new division of 2K Sports that will reportedly begin operations by Q3 of 2011. Based on T2's last financial report, that would put the new division in business at or around June 2011."

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vgn243249d ago

People may say that fans of 2K5 just romanced the past, but come on. Side to side it beat Madden. Hope it happens. Competition always makes things better.

Crystallis3249d ago

Oh please please please...Madden has turned into a technical mess. Its for the casual not for the hardcore football gamer. Hurry 2k we need you bad.

NYC_Gamer3249d ago

Please bring back the NFL2k series....

GunShotEddy3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

How will they name it though? NFL 2k14 or OH!!! NFL 2KXIV or NFL XIV!

ghost043248d ago

I remember playing NFL 2K5, gameplay was waaaay better than madden...players moved like players, they weren't all short, fat and slow like they were in madden, and i know cause i also had madden 05, to compare. i don't remember any glitches either where the ball whould just magically go right through your shoulder...2K5 they had field goal nets, refs, chain gang...which madden just put into the game last year with madden 09, 2K did that 4 years ago!! and with a $20 price tag who can complain. just shows how lazy EA is...and how far behind they are. I was a little excited though to hear Hip Hop Gamer talk about people from Visual Concepts 2K coming over to help with Madden 11 this year...

Tito083236d ago

Madden 2005 was $50 around that time, Sega sports games were the sole reason EA didn't want to support the Dreamcast, the Dreamcast sales were declining, but EA used it as an excuse to hide the true reasons at no supporting the system.... Before 2k5 was released, I already knew the older iterations were better than the maddens... Sega released the game for $20 at that time, that's where Sega wanted to prove everyone that their game was actually better than EA's Madden 2005... After EA created the Monopoly with the NFL, I stopped buying EA Sport games soon after!!!!!!!