Crave Online Reviews Mass Effect 2

"Mass Effect 2 is a wolf in sheep's clothing. As most gamers know, Bioware is synonymous with making amazing role-playing games. And while Mass Effect 2 retains a lot of the elements that make for a classic Bioware RPG, the sequel puts a heavier emphasis on it's shooter mechanics, streamlining the RPG experience in order to keep gamers out of the menus and in the action with their finger on the trigger.

"But even still, Mass Effect 2 is an awesome game.


"Mass Effect 2's strongest suit, as you can probably imagine, is its story-telling. The entire galaxy is alive, the character's you'll meet and group up with are all unique and interesting, and the overall narrative of Shephard and his rag-tag team of misfits saving the galaxy from the latest universal threat, The Collectors, is classic sci-fi stuff.


"Even with it's problems, Mass Effect 2 is still a great game. The RPG elements may have been toned down to make way for a heavier emphasis on the action-packed gameplay, but the epic nature of the game's plot, its memorable characters, its solid cover-based shooter mechanics, and its presentational polish make this sequel a better overall game than the original. Simply put, this wolf is worth owning."

JANUARY 26TH, 2010

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