Edge: Mass Effect 2 Review

Edge: Ultimately, Mass Effect 2's greatest strength is in tying its disparate pieces together, binding the gunplay and conversation systems into something that meshes, while creating an action-RPG that knows stats should be there, but that they should never get in the way of a good headshot. The result is a game that's grown into its obvious potential. With the first instalment, BioWare built a universe of words – a deeply convincing multicultural sprawl you could read about without ever quite getting to touch. Here, you're inside it from the start – and the view is often dazzling.

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green3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Great score from Edge considering the face that they gave the first one a 7.

Nineball21123242d ago

I was actually expecting Edge to give it a 10 based on the other reviews I've seen. I think this is probably a fair review of the game.

StanLee3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Yeah and I kind of agreed with them on the first. It was a mediocre shooter masquerading as an action RPG. I mean, for God sakes, you could auto level you character and your squad. They seemed to have found a better balance in the second game and refined the shooting.

@ Two-Face

Dude, why fuss? These twats will says anyone whose opinion isn't the same as theirs is biased. That's what fanboys do.

baum3242d ago

Well, it's on 360, so it's not really that unexpected from Edge.

DMason3242d ago

I think its an accurate score. They are pretty brutal on games. Only the best make it 9+. Ive played about 10 hrs in and Im constantly thinking about playing it when Im not. Its very addicting and the story sucks you in.

3242d ago
Corrwin3242d ago

That would explain Edge giving Halo 3 a perfect score.

I think you should decide if you can't stop thinking about this game, after you've played it for a month.

Venatus-Deus3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

@ baum

Edge’s last two games of the year have been PS3 exclusive.

I think that the “their really biased” argument has now been put to bed. The games good, which is great and I think everybody knows it’s coming to the ps3, which is great as well.


@ Corrwin

Halo 3 after 2 and half years is still lives “most played game”. I think that warrants a 10/10 in anybody’s book. I’m not a massive fan myself but we play games to have fun and that should be more important than any other section in the review listing such as graphics, sound etc.



I wasting my time here, but those games won across the board (admittedly LBP /Fallout3). They deserved it.

I also can’t believe your not a PS3 fan. This is the first generation you HAVE to own both systems. Just because Mummy can’t afford to buy you both don’t mean you should be a hater.

lowcarb3242d ago

well maybe those 360 games they review actually deserve high scores.

Foxgod3242d ago

Well, now i think Edge is into positive discrimination :P
Afterall they chose 2 ps3 GOTY's, just to please ps3 fans, and get rid of their bad name with ps3 fans :)

But i am not a ps3fan, i wont go that far.

Two-Face3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

LittleBigPlanet: 10/10. Game of the year 2008 by Edge.

''It’s a multiplayer riot, a visual landmark, a feat of engineering, and one of the most charming games ever made. But even those accolades are dwarfed by its scope, its potential, and the apparent endlessness of them both'' - Edge

Uncharted 2: 9/10.

''Ultimately, no one will disagree that Uncharted 2 is one hell of a ride, and the best PS3 action game to date'' - Edge

Demon Souls: 9/10

''Demon’s Souls is the antithesis of the fashionable approach to gaming. It encourages mastery over mere perseverance and every reward is so hard won as to make it almost unattainable. But if gaming’s ultimate appeal lies in the learning and mastering of new skills, then surely the medium’s keenest thrills are to be found in its hardest lessons. For those who flourish under Demon’s Souls’ strict examination, there’s no greater sense of virtual achievement'' - Edge

Edge is not biased towards 360.

Corrwin3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

ME2 probably does deserve a high score, however what reviewers call a high score (7/10 or higher) differs from what publishers call a high score (9/10 or higher).

I wouldn't mind, but even magazines like EDGE flip flop between "we have a responsibility to give a game its correct score, 6/10 is a good score for a game" and "it's good, really, honestly. (Can I has Cheque Now?)".

Because nothing has dethroned Halo 3 after 2 years, does not mean Halo 3 should get the credit. And also the score was awarded on release, without the use of a crystal ball.

ryuzu3242d ago

So this is the 360 version. I take it the PC version is 10/10 then ;)


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Lifendz3242d ago

I'll wait until FFXIII comes out, but so far the rumblings aren't that good. Mass Effect 2, on the other hand, is getting rave reviews and looks absolutely gorgeous. Has anyone else seen the commercials for it? I remember getting up to get a drink only to stop and gaze at the tv. I'm telling you these two consoles are giving more than enough to hold off the next-gen for at least 4 years imo.

As a PS3 only owner, Fallout 3 was about as close as I got to an engaging RPG. If FFXIII can't fill the void then I guess I know what my tax refund will be spent on.

Venatus-Deus3242d ago

“Because nothing has dethroned Halo 3 after 2 years”

Actually that definitely means that it should get a 10. It means that with all the games released, it’s still the best, the most fun, the most liked, etc etc. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that that’s not a fact.

Maybe edge recognized these qualities and awarded it accordingly. Anyway for argument is flawed, because there and over 1 million current users that disagree with you. Hype doesn’t last 3 years…

@ above

You’re the definition of a loser! Mods ban the IP.

DMason3242d ago

So what? I beat Uncharted 2 in 4 days and havent thought about it since. Does that mean its undeserving of the 9 that Edge gave it? No.

What you said makes no sense. When you finish a game, you move on to the next. Thats the way the world works. You dont sit there and think about it a month after you've played it. If its a good multiplayer game, than thats a different story. But just because I wont be thinking about it months from now doesnt make it a terrible game. Your point is invalid.

silvacrest3242d ago

You can still auto level the whole squad including your self so it has not changed in that aspect, im not bashing it i have already completed the game and im playing again

@twoface, if you pick and choose only the good your not telling the whole story, why not add the negatives as well?

JokesOnYou3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I picked up the game last night, midnight launch for both ME2 and MAG, nothing against MAG but lets just say it was a ME2 kind of crowd. I played for 2 hrs, didn't want to stop but I had to go to work this morning....very well done Bioware, its truly a very engaging game, I really like how my first save choices are affecting the story somewhat, I don't think what you did in the first part will change this second game significantly but it's funny when you're being interrogated by Miranda about descisions you made and stuff that happened in the first game. Only played about 2hrs, the game is so much more improved, the begining is the perfect way to setup a "tutorial" without doing a standard tutorial, the voice acting is second to none, as a shooter fan the combat is fun, and using your teamates abilities adds a special layer to the gameplay......damm I can't wait to get home from work today.

Edge isn't biased, I thought they severly underrated ME1 though, but I never b#%tchd and complained, just disagreed. A 9 from them is high praise and btw all those that hate on Halo3 just don't get, Halo3 still to this day offers so much quality gameplay and a huge assortment of features all packed into 1 game, the only thing that didn't blow you away were the graphics and still it was far from bad, in fact it looked very good at the time, the only reason it got so much hate for graphics was because it wasn't "the best"(Gears) and of course the minute you mention Halo anything some fanboys blood start to boil.

wow, that Mass Defect guy is really butthurt right now, hope he can sleep tonight. lol


3242d ago
mint royale3242d ago

jesus first the username gaylo, then more recently flopza now this idiot. I hope your not ps3 fans cos your really give ps3 fans a bad name.

Good score for an awesome game. I'm not sure why people think edge is biased seeing as it has already been pointed out ps3 games have got their goty 2 times in a row and mass effect 'only' got a 7. But hey I guess paranoia runs high amongst some people, especially those that like to follow a crowd (darkmurder's experiment of people that don't actually read articles when he claimed edge gave MAG a 4 for example.)

baum3242d ago

"Edge’s last two games of the year have been PS3 exclusive.

I think that the “their really biased” argument has now been put to bed. The games good, which is great and I think everybody knows it’s coming to the ps3, which is great as well."

Suddenly rating adequately two PS3 games absolves them from all the crap they've done before? Sorry but it was proven that in 91% of PS3 exclusive games, Edge rated the games not just lower than average, but the lowest of all (and that's including other suspicious outlets like Eurogamer, Gametrailers, kotaku and GamesTM into account); even Xbox fanboys couldn't wait for the almighty "EDGE" to give their review on most PS3 games. As for 360 games, half of the time they gave it above average (and half not, i.e. they were "fair" to 360 games, and not so fair with PS3 games).


Jerk1203242d ago

Baum, you're nothing but a sore fanboy.

You've been whining about ME 2 ratings since this morning.

With the same stupid argument that they're all 360 biased.


You're an idiot.

Corrwin3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

You seem to think a review score should be some democratic vote. And I never said I didn't like Halo 34, so please stop being so defensive.

I merely think that reviewers score games far too highly these days. There are more games getting >90% scores each year - and it's not because they've improved all that much.

I'm sorry scores mean so much to you.

Just because you don't see the point, doesn't mean there isn't one. I was implying that perhaps it was the hype that dragged you in, rather than the game itself. If you replayed it in a month or two, would you honestly give it a 9 then?

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Corrwin3242d ago

you surprise us every time...

Antan3242d ago

Cracking!! I read and no spoilers, more of ...gameplay mechanics review ....sort of!....Not long to wait now.

3242d ago
Foxgod3242d ago


Oh wait, i am not a ps3 fan, what am i doing:)
Good score review from edge, as always, i never doubt them.

Doc Sony3242d ago

Foxgod, you're seriously trying too hard.

You've been trying to get the same rep as Bungie on N4G, calling out the fanboys and getting under peoples skin but the truth is nobody gives you any attention, nobody cares.

My advice, don't force it, it'll come.

Foxgod3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Ive been around longer here on N4g then Bungie.....
Anyway, i didnt take your point either.

Venatus-Deus3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )


His point was that you are being an unnecessary d1ck. Two wrongs don't make a right.

3242d ago
3242d ago
Foxgod3242d ago

I know what his point was, i said i didnt take it, not that i dont understand it.

I dont care for his point, hes only one opinion, he could be a 100 for all i care, i still wouldnt take his point.

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gillri3242d ago

I was expecting a 9 from EDGE, looks like the critic score will be around 94/95

EDGE are a great reviewer and gave the original a 7, they tend to review with their head rather than their heart

even considering this they should have given ME1 an 8

but you gotta look at it like they gave it a whole 2 marks higher than the original!

cant wait now

3242d ago
bjornbear3242d ago

not a gamer. ----> open zone (also known as the nursery)

DMason3242d ago

Ignore it, its just a fanboy that created an alt account. He knows the game is good, so it's eating him up inside and he cant do anything but lie about it anonymously.

peeps3242d ago

oh dear. being a fanboy is one thing, but being a fanboy that created an account like urs just cus a game on a console u don't like (for some unknown reason) is getting praise.

i can only presume ppl like urself and the large majority of N4G are kids who take their arguments from the playground online when they get home

3242d ago
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