Splinter Cell's codeofconviction viral marketing continues

The Lost Gamer writes "Despite its delay until April, Ubisoft continues to show commitment to its continual viral marketing for Splinter Cell: Conviction."

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Blaze9293247d ago

So how do we enter this code? I get to the site but can't click inside the 4th blank box to enter it.

Rob Hornecker3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Did I see the word DEMO in this post? I know its early in the morning ,but I think I saw the word DEMO? After being repeatedly delayed it would be nice to play a demo of it.

I did check with my favorite Game stop and checked that the release date is still on for 4/1/2010. I wonder if they will have a midnight release party setup???

Blaze929: I sure what ever the code reveals,it will be up on the internet before the game is out.