First Details on Ubis new system against piracy

Today the first details on Ubis new system against piracy came up. You need to have an active connection to the internet to play the games. Your savegames will no longer be stored on your PC. They will be stored on the The first game to take advantage of the new system is The Settlers 7.

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Godmars2903241d ago

I really what to know who thought this was a good idea?

Figure 3-6 months down the line when no one is buying their PC games and hacked copies are all over the place, he as well as the rest of the company will probably not blame themselves for pushing so many customers away and into the arms of pirates.

Nihilism3241d ago

Well said. As if connecting to the internet to install a single player game want enough, now you have to connect every time you play it, so if your internet goes gaming. Very stupid and very lame

SilentNegotiator3241d ago

If Ubisoft ever makes a game worth buying, get it on a console.

pimpmaster3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

you cant blame em, pc gaming has really gone to hell , theres really no stoping it now, i actually have played WOW on a pirate server. its exactly like regular wow exept only like 1000 people on at once. oh yea and it was free lol. only played it to try it out but meh takes up too much time.

steve30x3240d ago

There is one small problem with your reasoning Godmars. Even if the game gets hacked the hackers would have to find a way to be able to use your save games because as the article says your save games will be on an online server and not on your own PC.

I cant see this working out very well for them though. Not everyone who enjoys PC gaming is online. A lot of those who are online will probably retaliate and not buy the games with this system.

znu3240d ago

Yeah, this idea only screws the gamers over

and if they can hack the game, they can trick it into saving the data on ur drive, i don't think it'd b that hard

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Agent Smith3241d ago

"Jack Sparrow, stop taking my money!"

condorstrike3241d ago

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb idea.

when sales go down, they'll change their tune... guaranteed.

lonix3241d ago

Instant fail
tis suicide

chak_3241d ago

weird thing is they're testing that on settlers 7, which not that many people buy anyway... and mostly for SP... weird

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The story is too old to be commented.