Marcus & Dom in Lost Planet 2 Footage writes, "Earlier this morning, Lost Planet 2 & Super Street Fighter IV were dated by Capcom to the delight of their fans. Along with that announcement, it appears as if the Gears of War 2 heroes Marcus Fenix & Dom Santiago will be making an appearance in Capcom's latest title. Check the video below to be utterly confused."

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Aquanox3243d ago

The hype machine has begun. Gaming on Xbox 360 will be without precedents this year.

green3243d ago

I enjoyed LP and really enjoyed the demo for LP2.So LP2 is definitely on my most wanted list.

3243d ago
i_like_ff73243d ago

Is it just the xbox 360 version that gets extra characters or will the ps3 version also get some? Like chimeran or helghast skins.

ThanatosDMC3242d ago

Wait wait... does this mean it'll be a lagfest online!

Anyway, they're just skins but im hoping for some funny voices especially for Dom screaming for his wife. It still baffles me why he shot her... but i guess whatever.

Also, i hope they fixed minor enemies being at different places on each of the players game. It was annoying to see your teammates shoot an invisible enemy.

BX813242d ago

@ThanatosDMC did you even play Gears 2? It's clear that Dom's wife was past the point of no return. He couldn't stand to see her suffer and wanted to remember her as she was.... Naw I'm just kidding the b!tch didn't do the dishes before she left.... It's a little hidden message for the female gamers.

FACTUAL evidence3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

are probably exclusive unlockables for the xbox360 version. nice.

FamilyGuy3242d ago

I like how they tossed the Lost Planet drone out of the way. I've got to admit, I'm a little jealous.

Even stranger is that these are Gears characters yet I'd want those characters in the PS3 version rather than some PS3 related characters.

I'm getting LP2 for PS3 either way but this is worthy of my jealous since I know the PS3 version will get nothing special like this at all.

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Delive3242d ago

I like this. How they used Gears characters in LP2 and how Uncharted used other characters in it's game. I like this pattern.

badz1493242d ago

Uncharted uses all characters under SCE publication but LP is Capcom's, these 2 are M$'/Epic!

I know that the Soul Calibur for PSP uses Kratos but that's PSP exclusive and I can understand. but LP is a multiplat from Capcom! I guess, this Capcom x Microsoft things are really rolling in now ha?

nice trailer though!

Cajun Chicken3243d ago

I guess that's all what 'Capcom X Microsoft' was and the thing that Cliffy B was hyping.

SlipperyMooseCakes3243d ago

These are just available skins in LP2 360 version. While this is cool, it's not really a big announcement.

lowcarb3242d ago

I hope that's not all!

RockmanII73242d ago

Super Street fighter 4 release date
Lost Planet/Gears tie-in
Lost Planet 2 trailer
Monster Hunter for 360
Dead Rising 2 planned time frame

pretty active day from Capcom IMO

FiftyFourPointTwo3243d ago

I'm a droid but I have to admit, that was pretty cool.

FiftyFourPointTwo3242d ago

Albert Wesker > Marcus and Dom combined

blackmamba7073242d ago

bu-bu-bu-bu-Lost Planet 2!!11

that means no Gears of War 3 this year dumb bots, so Microsoft begged Capcom on knees for it

2010 - another extremely poor year for Flopbox3fixme.

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