Female Diablo 3 Monk Art Challenge

Blizzard is asking Diablo 3 fans what they think the still-secret female Monk might look like.

If you want to get in to the fray of fists and pencils, you need to hurry up as the deadline is "Due by the 1st".

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player_729852972d ago

That's pretty cool, the fans get to help in deciding how the Fem monk looks, if only I could draw, but I can definitely see some amazing concepts coming in.

Holyknight30002972d ago

I need to give it a try myself, havent drawn in a good while.

Fyzzu2972d ago

I'd assume they already know and this is just a little thing for "fun" to see if anyone gets it right; it seems a bit late in the day to be deciding on the design for that now.

I'd also be astonished if they're actually out of ideas and need to solicit this aid from the players.

Dorjan2972d ago

it'll be interesting to see what you lot come up with

Leord2972d ago

"you lot"? :)

You are invited too! :)

Recka2972d ago

Haha, they're awesome!

Maticus2972d ago

Nice drawings there, though she's missing an eye in the pic shown above, top right corner.

Redrudy2972d ago

Some of those frighten me. I hope Blizzard doesn't pay too close attention to them.