The 3D-TV Experiment: Just How Gullible Are Early Adopters?

Cracked: "Avatar's ludicrous success, fueled by millions of people willing to pay $12 to see a film in 3D, has convinced the electronics industry that those same people will pay 200 times that amount to watch 3D at home, while wearing bigger, more cumbersome glasses that give them a blinding headache. Thus 3D TV was the big news at CES 2010 with virtually every manufacturer debuting models in what in fact may be the most expensive and elaborate practical joke in history."

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DaTruth3245d ago

Just like HD... Oh, wait!

FamilyGuy3245d ago

I see this person actually hasn't worn a pair...

kewlkat0073245d ago

HD is the continuation of a better format/resolution which is expected, just as CPU speeds.

3D is just gimmick and really just Extra. Not needed. But Kewl if you like it , I guess.

Sano643245d ago

The article of full of half truths and misleading information and I bet the person did not even see one of these 3d tv's! I have the Gforce 3d vision glasses for my 120hz LCD and the work great. they are not uncomfortable and they don't make the picture blurry! Plus the article states that the having a battery in the glasses make it heave but they have a small rechargeable battery inside not heavy at all. The author needs to get off the 3d bashing bandwagon and stop stating half truths just because he "might" be mad for just buying an hdtv