Father Stabbed by Son for Offering FIFA 09 Advice

By Nick Simberg "The latest video game-related violent act isn't centering around a violent game at all, but around EA's E-rated FIFA 09.

An Italian man referred to only as "Fabrizio R." had bought his son the game a few days ago as a birthday present. After offering his son some pointers on the game, an argument broke out, leading the father to turn off his son's television in response to his behavior.

The 16-year-old son - Mario - then went to the kitchen, retrieved a knife, and returned to stab his father in the neck. He then calmly walked back to the kitchen and rinsed off the knife in the sink, right in front of his mother. She had no idea what happened until the father came in, clutching his bleeding throat."

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bmw692979d ago

Man, this is pretty shocking!

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Venatus-Deus2979d ago

Surely a better reason would be because his dad didn’t buy him FIFA10?

AssassinHD2979d ago

Welcome to my ignore list. Your comment does not make you look "hip" or "cool". It makes you look like a jackass. It would have been best if you had simply not typed anything at all.

meatnormous2979d ago

Lighten up, its the open zone.

blizzard_cool2979d ago

How the **** did those two get a disagree and you got an agree?

meatnormous2979d ago

Because its the open zone. Only the most BS comments work here. Don't try and reason with anyone here cause it falls on deaf ears.

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Sitdown2979d ago

What would have happened if he got him FIFA 10?...or perhaps he stabbed him because he got FIFA 09.

Anyhow...sad story none the less.......but just goes to show how messed up some people's priorities are.

WildArmed2979d ago

sad story indeed.
And I thought MW2/GTA 4 were bad games for teens to play, seems like FIFA outranks them =/

OmegaSlayer2979d ago

It happened 4 days ago, it took some time to reach international interest LOL
They were playing on a Playstation.

mushroomwig2979d ago

To be fair, whatever console they were playing on isn't really important.

OmegaSlayer2979d ago

Well, it's only strange that they didn't use the said console in the media to start a battle against a console instead of a battle against bad habits, and lacks of education by parents.

mint royale2979d ago

Not true according to chubear.

Apparently things like this only happen on the xbox because only the xbox has violent halo loving teens who just love to kill each other. Man was he right..

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