Microsoft Facing Lawsuit Over Xbox Live Pricing

Samuel Lassoff, an attorney in Philadelphia, is taking Microsoft to court over claims that the Xbox 360's currency system - Microsoft Points - exists to "unjustly enrich" the console manufacturer.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3245d ago

You spend money to buy points and buy things off of MS's marketplace of course it's meant to "enrich" MS. The left over points can be added to your next purchase.

Convas3245d ago

This is clearly someone who just got onto the gaming scene. Obviously a noob, as he yet doesn't understand how MS points work.

I've got 300 MS points sitting in my account? Am I suing MS for "enriching" themselves off me? No, I'm waiting till there's something I'm interested in. At that time I will buy more MS Points and use my already existing points in conjunction to buy whatever I want.

By this argument, I could sue, Sak's Fifth or Old Navy for "enriching" themselves off of me because I used $20 dollars out of a $25 giftcard and couldn't buy anything else with the remaining balance. Logic, Reason, and Understanding are rare these days. But Yeah, I think MS does need to go back to Cash. Straight up.

Lou-Cipher3245d ago

I get annoyed by the points system too, I know it is a deceptive way to sell more, but it is pure ignorance to want to sue over something as silly as this.

Chris3993245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

He sued Google for a search error and a Casino for something equally as trivial.

He is not to be taken seriously. This isn't a "console" thing, we shouldn't endorse a crazy person's cause.

This was all in the article btw. I find it suprising how 90% of the comments on N4G are reactions to the titles of articles, and not the actual content itself.

Wrathman3245d ago

is there not a thing about using real money to buy off these people? dont you need to add a minimum amount of cash to psn and XBL?£5? any less than that and a transaction fee swollows up a bit?when i add funds to PSN do i not have to add at least £5.just buy a 79p chair from home.can i get the rest back?

i dont know if i can.someone educate me.

Bathyj3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

No Wrathman, on PSN you can add as little as you like so you dont need to spend money until you actually buy something.

Its a much better system, and I've never liked the points thing. Its not as easy to tell how much your spilling and the having to buy so many points when you might only need half of them is pretty shifty.

This guy sounds like a litigious tool, but he's not suing for the things you guys are talking about. Hes saying he was charged, but couldn't complete the download for whatever reason. It doesnt give a lot of info.

Godmars2903245d ago

You're missing the whole point with that "left over" thing. If you get a maxim valued points card and there's no way you can spend it down to zero, or transfer money from a card only to have a notable portion left over, then shenanigans are happening.

ThanatosDMC3245d ago

I bet that lawyer guy is fapping all over this news... AH! Jack Thompson is his name. I forgot.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Godmars290 yes you can spend all your points, anyone with a 360 knows this. The points left over go to your next purchase also making your next point purchase cheaper. There are two ways to buy points through Live and retail and the value differ. If you buy something for 300, 800 or 1200 points and you have 300, 800 or 1200 points brings it to 0.

presto7173245d ago

Someone is speaking up against this abomination.

Godmars2903245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Okay, but what if you have 500, 1000 or 1600 to start with? How, when you can only buy MS points at certain values, do you reach those specific values. Especially when you only planned to buy one item. MS has it set up so that if you have 1600 that if you buy something for 1200 then want to buy something else for 500, you have to get another 1000 points just to make up the 100 point difference. Will have 100 points left over if you then buy the 800 point item.

Though this is proof that you can't make anything that sounds like an admission of wrong doing without being hit with a lawsuit. Something like this should have happened long before a MS exec actually opened his mouth.

[email protected]:
So tell me, in what amounts can you buy MS points?

By Rich1631 comment at 5.0 the only time you make a 1-1 purchase is if something is 500 points.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3245d ago

Godmars290 your ignorance regarding points and Live is obvious.

Eamon3245d ago

It would be great if MS drops the points nonsense.

But they are the defintion of hardcore capitalism. So, I doubt they will.

DMason3245d ago

You are incorrect sir. On the PSN, you can only add funds in $5 increments. The other day, I bought Linger in the Shadows. It came out to $3.16. I now have $1.84 in my account that I cant do anything with. I cant even buy a premium theme. The same thing happens on Xbox Live. Every store does it, it's how they get people to come back and buy things.

This lawsuit is ridiculous and frivolous. There is no way this nutjob will win.

Redlogic3245d ago

The points scheme is just that, a scheme. It's just like a carnival. Say there is a ride that costs 3 tix to go on. But the carnival only sells the tix 5 at a time. So I go on my ride now I'm left with 2 tix, but that's not enuff to go on that ride again, so I buy a batch of 5. So on and so forth. Point is, I paid for 5 tix, two of which I can't use cause that's not enuff to go on a ride. Same system with the MS points and that's the point of this lawsuit. He paid for electronic service in which MS did not provide. He has points he paid for but can't buy anything with unless he buys another batch of points. It may be noobish, but it certainly 100% without a doubt misleading.

Rich16313245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

No, you must make a minimum $5 purchase on the PSN, that money you have left over stays in your account. So let's say you want to buy a map pack for $10, next time you will have to pay 8 dollars and change since that $1.84 will go towards the purchase. Think of it as a gift card. The minimum $5 charge is likely because whenever you use a credit card the credit card company takes a percentage of the sales. The PSN definitely has the best billing system. You don't have to buy in $5 increments, it is worded just have to make a minimum $5 purchase. I bought a ton of things like 7 or 12 dollars and it billed me for just that...7 or 12 not 10 or 15.

princejb1343245d ago

ill be pretty stupid if he wins the lawsuit
than everyone would wanna sue microsoft and use the same example to win the case

OpenGL3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

The Microsoft point system simply cannot be defended. If you compare it to PSN or Steam's purchasing system, Microsoft's is a complete scam in comparison. Ever since I purchased my 360 and spent my first money on Xbox Live, I have always had left over and unusable credit on my account.

Unless Microsoft changes their policy, I will have some amount of left over credit on my account forever. The 360 and Xbox Live are both great, but the transaction setup is designed to steal money from customers.

Also, you really should be able to use points on your account to pay for Xbox Live service.

Godmars2903245d ago


MS could be forced to give up the points system to avoid more lawsuits.

FarEastOrient3245d ago

Everyone should buy their Microsoft points in Dollars which is the cheapest value per a point. With the Australian Dollar / Point ratio being the most expensive, meaning that everyone is getting ripped off. Atleast with the Wii and PS3, if I'm buying something for $4.99 or 3.49 euros than I'm getting it at that value.

Now with Microsoft doing their math, 400 points is not 400 points especially if you get it at retail, or market place, or even Amazon. All values are different and an illusion to what they really are, especially if you live in states like Washington were you are taxed twice if you buy it at retail and than use use it online. For some reason that state charges for online purchases like soon to be New York City.

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Robearboy3245d ago

So let me get this straight, some A Hole is suing MS because they sell THEIR products for what ever price they want? Logic dictates that if your not happy with the system, dont buy the procuct

Godmars2903245d ago

More like they're keeping the change from your purchases, and have it set up that no matter how much you spend, there will always be change left. That their price tags, their prices in general, aren't the same as the money you give them.

ambientFLIER3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

That's not true. You might have change left over once or twice, but you always get a chance to get rid of it. All sorts of games and all sorts of addons are all different values, and you'll bring it down to 0 pretty fast.

Do you even have xbl?

KratoOwnsAll3245d ago

I think MS really likes lawsuit. ;)

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