God of War III Special Edition to skip UK, says SCEE

VG247: Know that Special Edition of God of War III revealed last night by a Swedish retailer?

Yeah, if you're in the UK, start the tears: SCEE's told VG247 it won't be coming here.


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Kurisu3217d ago

I was looking forward to this. I already bought the Collection off of Ebay (new). So, no need for me to spend all that money on the Ultimate Trilogy Edition.

I could buy this off ebay, too, but the Collectors Edition comes with DLC which may not work here in the UK.


...I do have a US PSN account. Would it work if I downloaded it from there?

GVON3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

That's a kick in the chops.

I think it's because Game have exclusive rights on the Trilogy Edition,it's likely it would take away sales of that package.I would buy it but i've got 4 or 5 games and a new bravia at the same time,I can't really spend over a £1000 on gaming for that month.
I really wanted the documentary that's included :(

ryuzu3217d ago

and just get it from Amazon or your other fave internet retailer in one of the countries it's being sold.

No problem.


Kurisu3217d ago

That's what's stopping me from doing so.

stuntman_mike3217d ago

i'd rather have the trilogy collection.

Two-Face3217d ago

Have fun spending tons of cash.

It's not worth it.

Carl14123217d ago

Shut up Two-Face. Whether it is "worth it" or not is purely subective. If he loves God Of War or has never played the previous 2 (at all, or in HD) then clearly it could be worth it. And clearly it IS worth it to him. And to me too, which is why i have it on preorder.

So don't tell people whether it is worth it or not

stuntman_mike3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

i will and i'll be loving every moment (and so will carl), while you sit thier squirming in your own juices wishing you had bought it too.

CREESH3217d ago

SCEE you just make stupid decision after stupid decision.

Robearboy3217d ago

Sounds to me that Sony is punishing the UK for chosing the 360 over the ps3, shame really as special editions always sell well in the uk.

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