IncGamers Review: Mass Effect 2

Tim McDonald wanders the galaxy in search of a reason to dislike Mass Effect 2.

From the review: "An anecdote to set the tone, I think. Last week, I brought Mass Effect 2 into the office, set up the 360, and had the illustrious Andy Alderson and the divine Bill Vaughan play through the opening twenty minutes, while studying their faces. The reactions were as I predicted: at one specific moment, both jaws slackened, all eyes widened, and a chorus of 'Holy shit' filled the room.

I predicted those reactions because I reacted the exact same way when I played through those same opening minutes the weekend prior."

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Leord3248d ago

Not surprised at the score!

starchild3248d ago

I enjoyed the review, it was nice. The game sounds outstanding.

AndyA3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

The opening section is absolutely stunning. Sounds like the combat is way better too.

Maticus3248d ago

No doubt about it; ME2 will blow the socks off anyone who plays it. An absolute MUST for this year, IMO.

Dorjan3248d ago

holy crap! ME2 is as good if not better than the first... knights of the republic is going to rock so hard...

syrinx3248d ago

Awesome. I am so going to buy this on Friday.

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