Mass Effect 2 Review [RPGSite]

Mass Effect 2 is an incredibly ambitious game, and most developers would've balked at the idea of a sequel to a Triple-A blockbuster that fixed every error, dotted every i and crossed every t - but Bioware have succeeded.

It's a testament to their dedication and hard work, a testament to Bioware's status as one of the most important developers today, and a testament to what the RPG genre can still do. It's an awe-inspiring, cinematic, moving and deeply personal choice-driven epic – and likely to stand out in the future as one of the most important RPGs this generation.

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AP3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Literally an amazing game. So incredible words can't describe. Well, they kind of do in the review, but you know what I mean. It's GOOD.

starchild3246d ago

Is it just me or is Mass Effect 2 inspiring a lot of these writers to write some of their best prose ever? The quality of a lot of the Mass Effect 2 reviews has been outstanding.

The game must be having an effect on people.

chrisulloa3246d ago

It has some amazing sort of mass effect on the critics.

commodore643246d ago

mass effect2 is affecting critics somewhat effectively