Assassin's Creed II PC To Include DLC

Ubisoft has revealed the PC version of Assassin's Creed II will include two DLC packs: the Battle of Forli and Bonfire of the Vanities when it launches in March.

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Cogo3185d ago

Oh, I'm surprised by this.

Leord3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Really? I think it's a natural progression tbh.

ryuzu3184d ago

PC Game is cheaper and gets free DLC in exchange for being ~ 4 months late.

Idk - think this is a game better suited to consoles, but at least Ubisoft is lightening up and realising that their draconian security and nickel/diming customers isn't working on PC.


JsonHenry3184d ago

Being a PC gamer is awesome. Can't wait to play this game. But the above poster is correct, this type of game is one of the few games that is actually easier played with a controller. So I will just plug in my 360 controller when I play this game I guess.

Bnet3433184d ago

"I'm getting the superior PC version. Can't wait to play this on my PC. Getting this game (PC)".

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Fyzzu3185d ago

That's coming out after both DLC packs, right? So PC owners don't get them sooner?

AndyA3185d ago

No the DLC packs are out this week (Forli) and some time in Feb (Vanities)

Maticus3185d ago

That is very good news indeed. I prefer PC versions if possible for most games, the DLC thing is sometimes a drawback, not to mention the delay.

Raf1k13185d ago

Considering they made us wait I would expect nothing less as DLC for PC games is usually free anyway. I was going to pick this up for PS3 last week but decided I'd wait since I still have other games to play and now I have Mass Effect 2 as well.

Letros3185d ago

This is on my PS3 gamefly queue...tempted to just get it for PC now

memots3184d ago

I will be getting this one on the pc. Played with my 360 controller and Gtx 260 sli should be a blast!