Ubisoft dropping PC DRM, embracing forced account logins instead

Publisher Ubisoft gets that gamers hate DRM for their PC titles so they'll drop them from future projects, but only because they have an idea.

Instead of CD checks and install limits, what about forcing users to login to Ubi accounts to access their games? Internet link mandatory.

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chak_3244d ago

oh my...that's even worse.

A LOT of people still don't have internet, or playing on laptop, or whatever.

that's going to be a disaster, mainly for physical retailer, I can't imagine how many will come back upset saying they don't have internet.

And just imagine your line is down for a few hour, you're fecked up.

Bad bad ubisoft. really

rawrockkillz3244d ago

I agree. This is a very bad move. Why not just use Steam?

Letros3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Steam is becoming more popular everyday with integration, SEGA just announced AvP and Napoleon TW will use Steamworks.

I think it may be a conflict of interest for major publishers to rely on another publishers DRM scheme. Though when you look at Valve, their games really don't have much competition, so idk.

Only MMO's should require an all-the-time online connection, I think Steamworks is the best option available to what Ubi is proposing.

Bnet3433244d ago

I think it will work like this. If the game somehow detects that you are connected to the internet, you'll have to go through the login. If no internet connection is detected, I'm pretty sure you can play the game without the login. Quake 4 for the PC did this. I remember pirating the game when it came out. I had to actually unplug my modem to play the thing.

Charmers3244d ago

Ubisoft can do whatever they like, still won't make me buy their crap. I thought ASS creed was one of the most boring titles ever devised and I won't be in a hurry to buy the second one. Especially after they stuck the middle finger up at the PC community and made us wait several months after the Xbox release.

There are some developers that really should just LEAVE the PC alone, they are doing more harm than good to the PC platform.

Nihilism3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Wow, what a slap in the face. That method is worse than DRM, because with a no install limit DRM, you only have to go online once at each install, not as big a deal as having to log online each time.

My internet sucks and it goes down frequently, I couldn't care less whether i'm the minority or not, i'm still a customer.

2K is using limited instal GFWL!!! activations for their game, which is worse than DRM again, because in place of limited activation now have un-revoke-able DRM + a bloated P.O.S program to run in the background ( which alerts my antivirus of an attack, which no other program does...shady microsoft gathering information )

It seems the last Farcry 2 patch which removed the DRM was Ubisofts last kind deed, it is a shame because i've been dying for Heroes of Might and Magic VI for years now...I'll have to give it a miss when it's released, same goes for Farcry 3.

I'm going to cancel my Bioshock 2 pre-order as well :( , so many great games ruined by copy protection that only serves as a hassle for the legit customers.

I can guarantee now that the pirated version will have no online activation * shakes head *, why don't they learn, none of this will ever stop piracy, it will just push me away even more, if it gets bad enough then I may have to become one of them, I have to get my games somehow, but I'm not going to accept this B.S

Corrwin3244d ago

So why do they bother including such harsh copy protection in the first place? Are they waiting for no one to give a crap?

Because the only time that happens is for the games that aren't worth pirating in the first place!

MK_Red3244d ago

Dropping the insulting and annoying DRM is good news but forced online login could be really troublesome. Still, the hackers will end up breaking that too and in the end only legit customers are forced to do this.

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