Boomtown Review: Mass Effect 2

Boomtown writes: "With a resume that includes Baldur's Gate, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age, there is something irritating predictable about BioWare games. They are always so annoyingly perfect in both storytelling, role-play mechanics and an understanding of how to implement a 50 hour long adventure one time after another.

But Mass Effect 2 is different from that predictable level of perfection. It raises the bar even higher than BioWare's usual standards."

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Gigalol3216d ago

Another reason to buy an xbox 360 instead POS3.

Funny to see L.A.G F.A.I.L quality and sales. ;)

bbububu teh ps3 has only AAA gamessssss!!!!!!

lol poor droids, ps3 has no games ;)