Super Street Fighter IV gets an official release date

PS3 Attitude: "Fighting game fans, the wait is almost over! Super Street Fighter IV has been dated and two new trailers have been revealed."

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jc485732979d ago

man, i seriously gotta save up.

lociefer2979d ago

awesome news, the boxart is realy bad tho

mega BIG time2978d ago

time to end some more lives with my raging demon! JessssssuP! :)

joemayo762978d ago

the two must have struck a deal

Marcus and Dom in Lost Planet 2

SSFIV to include an anime on 360 version only

monster hunter online for 360

FiftyFourPointTwo2978d ago


1. Marcus and Dom in LP2 - cool addition to the 360 version of LP2, but not really that big.
2. Exclusive anime for SSF4 360 version - english subbed version will appear in many different sites a few days after release.
3. MH Frontier - if it was a brand new MH game, then this could have been big. really big.

FACTUAL evidence2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

NA is getting this a day before JAP? That's new.

EDIT: WOOW, capcom has been screwing Sony up the arse anime for the ps3, exclusive to 360?, the JP system is PS3 know that right?.....jeeze, well i was done with Capcom since RE5....f^c em.

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bigjclassic2978d ago

Time to crush more no0bs on PSN in April.
*90% win percentage online with SFIV*

Redempteur2978d ago

how many disconnections ?

*just asking*

bigjclassic2978d ago

Zangief kills too fast for them to disconnect.

agent0272978d ago

Oh, I am taking names and kicking ass. :D

The scrubs won't be so lucky this time.

[email protected] the Zangief comment.

butterfinger2978d ago

You talk about n00bs, but then you admit to using Zangief? Epic fail.

Veneno2978d ago

zang is for scrubs that lack execution. gief's flow chart is even worse than ken's

bigjclassic2978d ago

any character can become a monster if you use them. Its about timing and skill, however when I play other Zangiefs they die.

Funny thing is my best characters never get used unless its against a fellow SF ace.

Hell the worlds best SF gamer, uses Ryu. lol

I have been a tournament SF gamer since 1994!!

Anyways, off to own more no0bs online in TvC.

*Orton Pose*

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Baka-akaB2978d ago

I hoped it would have been even sooner , but hey it's a firm date at last and at least

Veneno2978d ago

the date is terrible any way you slice it because every month, no, every DAY that goes by is one less day the community gets to practice with the new characters before EVO 2010. for those that don't know, Evolution is one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world, and it takes place in the US in the summer. it will practically be May when this comes out, so therefore the SF pros will be reluctant to use one of the new characters because there won't be enough time to master them by July. Looks like another Evo full of Ryu vs. Sagat matches. Capcom is seriously taking the tournament players, the ones that kept SF alive, for granted by delaying the game just to buff up their 2010 portfolio.

Baka-akaB2978d ago

I know but they had to , the game would have been slaughtered with feb/march 2010 being the busiest months of the decade , and full of blockbusters .

Bush2978d ago

If STF4 looks this good I'll get it I just wish they would redo SNK vs Capcom or Marvel vs Capcom using the same format as STF 4 that would be a kick ass game

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