'MAG is what PS3 can do and few others can' – Zipper

Ambitious 256-player FPS MAG "is what the PS3 can do and few others can", developer Zipper Interactive has claimed.

Speaking to at a recent review event in London, senior designer Scott Rudi doubted whether it was even possible for PS3 exclusive MAG to be a multiplatform game.

"I don't even know if it's possible for multiplatform," he said.

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iron_sheik3246d ago

only on ps3.
i am still waiting for a 60 player game on my other consoles though. I am getting the game tomorrow :)
256 player madness

-MD-3246d ago

"256 player game
only on ps3."

"i am still waiting for a 60 player game on my other consoles though."

Final Fantasy XI.

-MD-3246d ago

Disagree with facts all you want lol.

ryuzu3246d ago

Lol @ FF11

Not sure which is funnier - that you think an MMO is comparable to an FPS, or that you *think* FF11 allows >256 people in a single combat instance.

Still I give trolls something - they're persistent in their ignorance.


ssipmraw3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

the game obviously doesnt push any hardware to its limit graphically

mag uses the ps3 to its advantage producing some slick graphics while also maintaining a steady fram rate even with the huge number of players.

i doubt there has ever been a fps like this ever in the same scale

Guido3246d ago

It is amazing that this can be done on any console as this was a feat dedicated to PC's only back in the day. Now we see it on the PS3 and for that we gamers should be grateful that it can be done. It is truly impressive if you ask me. Sure MAG might be the first of its kind but the possibilities of this tech are simply amazing for future releases in the gaming world.

heroprotagonist3246d ago

Anybody that thinks the number of players has almost anything to do with the console itself are naive. It is almost all network code and server side stuff, and almost nothing to do with the GPU or CPU of the console.

There were PC games that networked far more people than this and yet those games worked on PCs that would be considered pathetically weak by todays standards.

Bathyj3246d ago

Haha, man thats reaching. I guess its the Sheiks fault for not specifying a FPS.

"Why are the pretty ones always insane?" Chief Clancy Wiggum.

Raf1k13246d ago

I haven't played the beta for this so haven't a clue what it's like. If it's anything like BF2 it should be fun but people really need to work together. Chatting to one another is the best way to do that but a team can work very well even without chat as long as everyone plays their role.

Guido3246d ago

The network comes along side with the console so yes, it has everything to do with the console. You get Live, a closed network witht he 360 and no, you will never see a game like this on the 360 due to both console tech and network code. The PS3 however is coupled with an open network and hardware that can withstand an online game of this magnitude. When the 360 releases a game like this then I will gladly eat the plate of crow but until then, your point is moot.

Morbid Bulldozer3246d ago

"The network comes along side with the console"

ROTFL. My PS3 came with the whole Internet in it :D

Stay in school, Guido.

Ju3246d ago

They obviously have implemented their own communication protocol to package that many players into the net code. I would guess, this uses some package streaming and -compression. Both, which seams, is done in realtime by the SPUs. I can imagine that is what they refer to. Doing this requires to do that with as low as a load to the rest of the system to be able to leave enough CPU resources for visuals, physics, etc. That "streaming netcode" is sure something they have cooked up on their own and needs to be matched by others.

iron_sheik3245d ago

can you name an x360 fps with 60players?
x360 doesnt have a 60 player fps let alone 256. also Gears 2 was 6v6 and halo3 just 16 player also. even worse halo reach is also 40 layers despite having mediocre graphics

raztad3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Some guys above think "teh interwebz" is in charge of rendering MAG visuals, collision detection, particle effects, streaming textures, all at the same time for 256 players (+HUGE map) that potentially can be in the same room.

Guido3245d ago

Don't be stupid. Take my words for what they are and know that the "network" I speak of is obviously the PSN versus Live. You don't get the PSN with your PC and you certainly don't get it with the 360. Next time come up with something a little more legitimate before making yourself look dumb.

ViciousBoston3245d ago

Murderdolls, you're not smart. You are comparing an MMO to a FPS.

Speaking of FFXI, on your 360/PS2 how is that lag at the HNM camps? Can you see everyone on the screen? I don't think so. I know you can't. At most the charecter models displayed on the screen is somewhere in the 60's, not counting the HNMs. Been in Dragon's Aery before Fafnir/Nidhogg? Yeah when you have a competitive server you're lucky to see your own Linkshell. I'm a 75/37 PLD/NIN on Siren and let me tell you, its not always the most easy thing. To be able to fit 256 people in one screen while continuing the processing and having little to no Frame issues is phenominal. Don't think the BETA represents the full game either.

kraze073245d ago

"i am still waiting for a 60 player game on my other consoles though."

Didn't Front Line: Fuels of War have like 64 player battles or something like that on the 360?

Chubear3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Yup frontlines did (25v25) but go look, nobody plays that game for a reason and you can hardly get anything above 8v8 to work properly without possibility of getting kick off the server or crazy lag issues. DOn't even know how many 25v25 mathces were actually played on that game but ofcourse "people" love it uh?

Other than that, you won't find another game that even tries to come close to 20v20 something that was done on the PS3 ON LAUNCH DAY. After that, you see 16v16 on PS3 as standard which you just don't see else where on other consoles. Even racing games on PS3 push the same number online that others push with FPS

As for PCs, let's remember, though we've seen similar on PC, they have been on totally different genres and are still a big rarity unless you have mods but I don't remember a single 128v128 FPS on the PC that's done this by a developer studio and not the mod community. IF there is, it's no more than 1 or 2 if that.

What's Zipper has started on the PS3 with MAG is incredible and something we'll all benefit from in the future when Massive action games become a norm. If this was a game on the 360, people would have lost their gaddamned minds and it would have gotten 10s based on that ALONE.

You really think if Live could support 20v20, 32v32, 64v64, 128v128 FPS online it wouldn't be crowned king of the universe by it's fanbase and gaming media but since it's a PS3 exclusive it's now a "meh"

Just like with Kz2, FPS gamers have been askign for FP cover system for FPS right from DOOM days and it was said to be impossible. Even developers on PC couldn't do it or didn't try enough. Then we get GG do it and do it well and we reward them with a big "meh" and hardly any GOTY awards in NA. Yeah, let's keep finding way to hold back the industry and have our wallets readily for 10/10 MW3, YAYYYY!!!!! >.>

Darkstorn3245d ago

What do they mean 'few others can?' NO others can...

baum3245d ago

He's just 19, give him a chance :(

kraze073245d ago

I got 6 disagrees for asking a question, wtf???

3245d ago
-MD-3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

I love how half of these kids can't spell yet call me dumb, the original idiot never said anything about a specific genre when claiming the 360 didn't have a game with 256 players.

Admit it, you all got trolled hardcore =)

Edit: @Baum, I fear what age you are... you're here a lot which is even more terrifying.

The Maxx3245d ago

Fontlines: Fuel of War had 50 players online. AND VEHICLES!!!! Including mobile AA guns, tanks, jeeps, Planes and Gunships.

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blitz06233246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I am tired of hearing "only possible on the ps3". U2 and KZ2 justified themselves by providing excellent quality, but MAG will be a mix of excellence and disappointment.

Let's be honest here. 256 players is damn good. But once it plays, what do you see, people running around going Rambo, even with mics (listen LIVE community). That's how the FPS genre generally goes. That's why MW2 rocks the audience. You just go out there and start shooting.
IMO, Zipper chose wisely. 256 *may* only work on the PS3, and at the same time, its audience is more mature. But the way MAG plays, it is enjoyed more by playing as a team.

That's why MAG will get mixed reviews. There's no Single Player in this game, so the reviews will be based on the reviewer's online experience. You know these reviewers, they play a game or two, next minute they're writing their 2 page review. Some may have enjoyed the game because they played with a good tactical team, while others may joined a team that flat out sucked. I can already see these reviews starting to show up pretty soon, some will not justify a whole lot about the score they will give, whether it be a 10/10 or a 6/10.

Raf1k13246d ago

I think this kind of game needs to encourage players to play their team roles. People like going Rambo in BF2 too but it's so much more fun to play your role in a squad.

I think that for some players this game will be an absolute blast while other will think it's trash.

Redempteur3245d ago

Well mag need team play ..everything is based on teamplay .. you can't play if you don't pay attention to your team .. that's why going solo is suicidal ..

MAg is from the makers of socom after all's not like it's their first game or that they don't know how to balance this kind of game AFTER 3 public betas .

Also mag is not the first game that is multiplayer only ... so there is a public for those who like to play online

Karooo3246d ago

splendid. hope it gets more credit, there seems to be a mental block because its free blah blah.

only true ps3 owners know psn is a terrific service for online gaming, it will have most live features when it goes premium though.

4point7BillionLoss3246d ago

Seriously ... MAG sux. It's ugly and plays worse than Haze. it's going to fail worse than anything that ver failed on PS3 already (which is a lot of things)

MAG needs to get it's teeth whitened.

OmarJA-N4G3246d ago

You flossed your ass yet you smelly bot... :)

How's M$ Offi$e 2010? Oops M$ lost that too like billions of dollars. :)

4point7BillionLoss3246d ago

I can feel your but hurt by that lame respons.

Your teeth are so yellow you stupid droid ... cry moar with your 256 online play that looks like a Haze expansion ...

agent0273245d ago

Go rub some Preparation H on your ass and gtfo. That's why the Flop60 couldn't do a game like this.

4point7BillionLoss3245d ago

it's got PS1 / Haze graphics ... cry some moar droids

Chubear3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

What's the point in halo with all it's low rez crap graphics that aren't even in HD? lol Ironically, Haze looks graphically better than Halo Reach :D

TROLL EATER3245d ago

based on reviews mag epic fail. halo reach will own 2010

3242d ago
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Corrwin3246d ago

Children should be seen and not heard.

More applicable to PSN than Live, in any case.

3245d ago
Raf1k13245d ago

people still believe the ps3 audience is "more" mature.

sikbeta3245d ago

Well, The PS3 Crew is definitely More Mature than:

[You make me waste like 1 minute of my Life searching those videos]

ViciousBoston3245d ago

When your product originally costed 600 dollars regardless of the fact its a gaming system it will have more adults and/or older individuals playing as opposed to XBox where mom and dad got it for their christmas and they pissed their pants in excitement only to turn it on and instant red ring.

Also, yes, Children should be seen and not heard.

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