Gamerzines: Killzone 3 Predictions

Gamerzines speculates about the existence of Killzone, its unveiling and the final release date.

"Some rumours suggest that Killzone 3 could be released near to the end of 2010 to compete with Halo: Reach. This isn't going to happen though. There's no way that Sony will want to go up against any of Microsoft's exclusive franchises. Not because it wouldn't win, we couldn't possibly know that, but because it'll want Killzone 3 to bathe in its own limelight for as long as possible with no other big games to over-shadow it."

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Maddens Raiders3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Feb 26, 2011

himdeel3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago ) October November. K2 wasn't a system seller. Although SONY did do some advertising it wasn't nearly enough. The marketing campaign for U2 was the best I've ever seen from SONY besides the announcement of the price drop.

They can release K3 anytime in 2010 and be okay sales wise. Until they get their marketing campaign together they could release K3 next month and get relatively the same sales in a month as K2 had gotten.

SONY competes with itself and they are to blame. Even my 10 year old niece knows when a Halo games come out and she has a Wii.

gijsbrecht3245d ago

Just curious when we will see the first images and perhaps even a trailer of some sort.

BlackIceJoe3244d ago

I can't wait until KZ3 comes out. I just want this time co-op. The series would be perfect for it. Also in KZ:L there was the Attack Dogs and I hope they make a showing in KZ3. That being said I can't wait to play KZ3 be it the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

fOrlOnhOpe573244d ago

that Killzone 3 will redefine the word EPIC. Kz2, albeit a slow burner, has established Sony's premier shooter as a must-have on the console - especially now the PS3's price isnt such a restrictive factor.
Only thing I ask of GG is that Rico goes out in a blaze of glory - preferably strapped up to enough C4 - in the very first level!