Bit-Tech: Mass Effect 2 (PC) Review

Whatever else Mass Effect 2 does, it works in a way that has a real, lasting impact. It has flaws too, as everything does, but the gestalt holds true in the end and Mass Effect 2 ends up as more than the sum of it's parts. Much, much more. This is easily and doubtlessly destined to be one of the best games of the year, because it's frankly hard to see how it could get much better than this.

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jmd7493243d ago

should have my copy soon. :)

Genesis53243d ago

EB called last night. Picking mine up after work.

Guido3243d ago

Glad to see the PC version scoring so well. Can't wait to sink my teeth into this game.

Raf1k13243d ago

The PC version runs pretty flawlessly and actually runs better on my PC (with my old 7900 GS) than the first game even with the slight visual upgrade.

fuckitimout3243d ago

you own mw2 first. mw2 is better than this game by a loooooong shot. i mean my gosh look at how clunky the cover system is in me2. mw2 has 60 fps AND tighter gameplay. mw2 is not a glitchfest like the stupid n4g nerds say. every fps shoud be like mw2. you hear that kz3?...make the controls and framerate the same as mw2 next time!

Charmers3243d ago

Oddly enough Mass Effect 2 is running at 60fps here on my PC at 1680 x 1050 so I don't know what you are moaning about. As for MW2 being better !! Hm lets see MW2 single player campaign lasts 5 hours. My first play through of Mass Effect 2 took me 30 hours and I have only scratched the surface in terms of the content ME 2 has.

MW2 is an absolute dog of a game any one defending that pile of crap needs serious psychiatric help.

fuckitimout3243d ago

i need psychiatric help because i say mw2 is good? lol you need psychiatic help for saying something so far beyond self engraciating. if i say its mw2 is better then guess what? it is. ill let you ponder on that for 30 hours to see if you can scratch the surface.

Charmers3243d ago

I am afraid sane people like me are in the majority MW2 has a Metacritic User score of just 2.9 whereas the user score for ME 2 so far is 9.2. The main site reviews have given MW2 a combined rating of 86 and ME 2 gets 94.

So I guess you must hear this a lot but you are WRONG. Mass Effect 2 is a fantastic single player experience with tons of content whereas MW 2 is a cheap quick buck cash in to prey on people like you that have no taste.

fuckitimout3242d ago

you pseudo-intellilects here crack me up rofl. i have bad taste because i prefer mw2 over me2? im wrong about my opinion? lol omg im sorry mr.castro for not having the same opinion as you and the reviewers (all of whom are humans stating their opinions just like me) lol. this is why i love n4g...because ppl here think they're sooo elite because of the games they choose to play. you're a funny guy

Charmers3242d ago

Yet you are the one that came into this news post to try and convince people that MW2 is a better game than ME2, talk about the kettle calling the pot black.

It is widely regarded that MW2 is a quick, dirty, shoddy cash in that appeals to Neanderthals that make the common garden slug seem like Einstein. However Mass Effect 2 so far has achieved not only critical acclaim but also the acclaim of pretty much everyone that plays it.

In short you are trolling in a topic you should have no interest in. However people like you hang around on N4G doing their damnedest to try and ruin other peoples fun. Now go and play on a motorway like a good little boy.

fuckitimout3241d ago

again with opinions and insults. so are you saying that im less than human bc i like mw? how intelligent and upstanding of a citizen you are. why so much hate in your heart over a couple of games man? why do you want me to get hurt? bc i like mw2? sad...i wouldnt wish that upon you. well, its ok man. best to you and have a long happy life

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Software_Lover3243d ago

Just wish it had controller support, LOL

champ213243d ago

it does... get xpadder :P lol

it only does everything

Software_Lover3243d ago

Whats funny is I have xpadder and I always forget about it.

peeps3243d ago

doesn't 360 pad work with it?

Charmers3243d ago

This game works perfectly with a mouse and keyboard there are some sections that would make me slit my wrists if I had to play them with a joypad.

Major_Tom3243d ago

Why would you wanna destroy this flawless game experience by playing with a crappy Xbox 360 pad on a comp?

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heroprotagonist3243d ago

Sounds amazing. Bioware are truly one of the best developments studios around. Nothing but quality comes out of that studio.

Charmers3243d ago

OK this is a bit silly, how can a game with "flaws" get 10 out of 10 ? A 10 out of 10 game is supposed to be perfect in EVERY way. A top score like that indicates there is NO way it can be improved. That clearly isn't the case with Mass Effect 2.

Now I am not a Mass Effect hater, I love the series. However there are one or two let downs in the PC version of ME 2. Specifically the real bug bear for me is no scrolling wheel in the menus. That is a totally moronic oversight and Bioware should hang their head in shame.

Then there is the god awful "mining for resources" seriously this has to be the DULLEST mini game ever implemented by mankind and you have to do this a LOT.

There are several other points I could harp on but those are the two main annoyances to me. This is a fantastic game though but in no way shape or form does it deserve a 10 out of 10. As I said a 10 out of 10 says something is perfect in every way, that is NOT the case with the PC version of Mass Effect 2.