Gamer Limit Review: Mass Effect 2

Gamer Limit writes: "Sci-fi has come a long way. Decades ago, it was "just for nerds", before Star Wars came along and changed everything. Then the genre sort of retreated from the limelight, waxed and waned, only to be on top again with recent properties such as J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, and now, the Mass Effect series."

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Fullish2972d ago

Enjoying the game so far, although I already had the ending ruined for me by idiots on the official forum.

hay2972d ago

That sucks dude. I feel for you. Mass Effect isn't another click'n'kill shooter. Any people spoiling it should rot in prison where they feed with viagra.

jFND902972d ago

zomg what ending tell me!

Fullish2972d ago

Anyone who posts spoiler on n4g gets whacked with a ban hammer.

syvergy2972d ago

I want this game so badly I would kill for it.

BX812972d ago

Great the next person kills over a game article on N4G. Way to contribute buddy!

AcesAndEights2972d ago

It's all looking so awesome, can't wait til Friday when I can get it.

starchild2972d ago

Reading all these reviews is fun, but it is making me so excited for the game that it is hard to wait for it. Oh well, it will be here soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.