GameSpot: Mass Effect 2 Video Review

GameSpot writes: "Kevin VanOrd takes the Normandy out for a joy ride in this video review for Mass Effect 2."

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FamilyGuy3242d ago

I guess an embargo just lifted. Or is it that they all just bought the game?

Marcus Fenix3242d ago

this game has been on my must buy list since I've played the original, 2010 imo is gonna be the best gaming year 4 me personally, I thought nothing could top 2007 but I guess im wrong.

Bobbykotickrulesz3242d ago

Game looks good. Much better than the last game I played on my 360 over a year ago.

It's my favorite dust collector. :)

Jerk1203242d ago

Ah, you've got a dust collector too?

I've got my Ps3 for that.

Darkfocus3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

pretty good game so far I like it better than the first, it has better graphics than the first and its optimized better too it runs perfect on my 9800gtx at 1920*1080 at max setting 4*MSAA where as the first one stuttered at odd times for no visible reason

Tiberium3241d ago

hopefully a review score is coming. From the review it sounded like a 9-9.5 score.