GamePro: Mass Effect 2 Review

"An improvement on just about every aspect of the original game, with the exception of one tiny aspect; the very final battle. Mass Effect 2 sees BioWare's approach to the role playing genre evolve beyond anything they've worked on previously, and gives us a glimpse of how both RPGs and shooters will begin to merge in the years ahead."

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Halo3 MLG Pro2978d ago

Over 25 reviews and it's averaging 97%. Can you say GOTY???? :)

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Arnon2978d ago

You've never really played the Mass Effect series, have you?

Rampant2978d ago

Every Sony fanboy will play the superior PC version of this game.

*Goes to metacritic*

PC Mass Effect 2 - 93
360 Mass Effect 2 - 97


Sarcasm2978d ago

ME1 was one helluva a game already, so it's actually pretty easy to see why ME2 is getting universal acclaim. Just fix some bugs, improve the graphics, expand on the story and it wins. Now GOTY? Let's not go there yet.

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FamilyGuy2978d ago

I'm pretty sure both games deserved their high scores.

peowpeow2978d ago

Ahh yes Baum, and you are the person who decides which game deserves high scores! Great.

Guido2978d ago

No, not really. It's better to call GOTY towards the end of the year once we have seen all there is to see. Anybody calling this GOTY this early in the year is an over zealot, child minded N4G user.

Guido2977d ago

The funny part about your stupid post is you didn't bother to wait until the last review was in. Even as we post now your logic is out the window and makes you look like a complete tool. Take a look at Meta now bud and perhaps next time you will keep your mouth shut before the last review is up.

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Tony P2978d ago

It's almost a solid wall of ME2 reviews on the front page.

Lou Ferrigno2978d ago

hmm,not alot of comments,everyone must be playing MAG like me.. had to take a break from all the massive action fun :)

good score btw,be picking it up for ma PC once it goes down in price $20

GameOn2978d ago

If only I could find a $20 PC to run this.