G4TV: Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect 2, Bioware's sequel to the 2007 sci-fi role-playing blockbuster, evolves beyond its predecessor's quirks to deliver one of the richest RPG experiences ever.

The Pros

* Exquisite storytelling
* Exciting combat
* More game than you expect

The Cons

* Mining tests patience and fingers

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mesh13248d ago

metacritic and me will me happy this game will rape metacritic hahah

Jerk1203248d ago

The good reviews are on a roll.

ThePostalDudeX3248d ago

I've already beaten it, and the last few "Missions" where you had to help out each of your squad mates to raise there moral was annoying. But that didn't stop me from fully enjoying the game. I didn't like that they took out all the different armor it's now just one upgradable suit. And you have to PICK UP the weapons scattered thoughout the game world now instead of buying them.

Jerk1203248d ago

An excellent score for an excellent game.

I feel somewhat sorry for the Ps3 users though, I wish for everyone to experience the greatness that is this game.

blitz06233248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Remind me again why you have 1 bubble? Oh yeah, you're a troll. Nice try being sarcastic though.
By saying you're sorry for the PS3 users, you're assuming that PS3 users have only the PS3 to play with. PS3 users have a 360 or a PC that can enjoy this game. I feel sorry for you.

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