IGN UK: Mass Effect 2 UK Review

IGN UK writes: "The chat 'em-up – it's a genre pioneered and nearly solely practiced by BioWare, the Canadian outfit that's been creating vast new universes for players to talk their way through since Baldur's Gate, its worlds dense in lore and where there's always someone at hand to bend your ear. Mass Effect 2 is its latest, delivering a follow-up to the Xbox 360-led original that was strongly divisive; depending who you ask it was either a certified masterpiece or a role player drowning in its own dialogue."

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Goldsack3241d ago

..thats an obejective score.

Or not?

the disagrees will answer :-9

tdrules3241d ago

pretty sure the only people you'll get disagrees from are the ones who don't have access to a platform that can play it.

Jerk1203241d ago

BioWare is the greatest company ever.

They make great games and know that the Xbox360 is the best.

RamiHixxy3241d ago

^^^^ please i bet thats Bungie

GameOn3241d ago

They gave Bayonetta a 9.6. Those scores should be flipped me thinks.