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Jeremy Parish: "ME2 is a step back from the original game in a number of ways. It's also a step forward in many others, though, and I don't doubt that it will appeal far more to the average gamer than the original game did -- and for the exact same reasons it feels a little underwhelming to an RPG fan like myself. When Mass Effect 3 rolls around to bring this tale to its finale, I'd really like to see BioWare strike some sort of happy medium between the clumsily executed RPG mechanics of the first game and the stripped-down shooter feel of this sequel. But even with its simplified mechanics, ME2's story makes for a compelling odyssey, and I can certainly think of worse things than another adventure that builds on this one. So long as the galaxy keeps busting Yukiko Shepard's chops for all my noble choices, I'm eager to see this series to its conclusion."

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Lou Ferrigno3243d ago

sweet score,i will be getting this wonderfull multiplatform game on my PC soon enuf.. first comes MAG Woohoo!

-MD-3243d ago

It's pretty obvious by what you just said that you will not be playing this amazing game.

Rampant3243d ago

Every Sony fanboy will play the superior PC version of this game.

*Goes to metacritic*

PC Mass Effect 2 - 93
360 Mass Effect 2 - 97


zagibu3243d ago

Uh? Who told you review scores between platforms were directly comparable?

OpenGL3243d ago

That's because the 360 version has 6 organizations with Xbox in their name, 4 of which gave perfect scores. The PC version is clearly the superior version regardless of what Official Xbox Magazine and all it's variations do to inflate 360's Metascore.

NateNater3243d ago

So by your logic, if someone plays MAG it is impossible for them to play ME2 on a PC as well?

Cut the fanboy crap already.

Richdad3242d ago

are better on consoles. ME1 was slow in pace but ME2 is very fast paced and requires quick response so if you play it on PC then you better get your joypad set properly.

Anyways graphics wise now a day even 9800GTX a superb card by all account is available at very low cost.

DatNJDom813242d ago

the only reason i dont get this game now is because of the PS3 exclusives coming out. I want to get this game though. Or maybe I should just wait for it to come out on PS3. ;)

GiantEnemyCrab3242d ago

Awesome PC gamers and 360 gamers can enjoy this. But really stop beating the already turned to paste horse about the "superior PC" version. For once I'd like to come into one of these AAA reviews and not have a bunch of dipsh*ts waving their pom poms for their favorite piece of plastic and just enjoy the FN game.

Darkfocus3242d ago

Go pc "waves hands in air"

no but in all seriousness I see just as much people saying they can't wait to play it on there 360 and stuff like that as people saying they'll play it on pc. personally I don't see anything wrong with it.

Lifendz3242d ago

Wow. That's unexpected. Still a great score. Trust me, I get an A- on an exam and I'm partying like I won the championship.

Hope to enjoy Bioware's masterpiece soon.

WildArmed3242d ago

Was expecting a higher score.
But eh, game is gonna be great.

And com'on.. PC versions are always better then console versions.. (and I love playing on Consoles)
I learnt that the hard way when I played DA:O PC vs 360.
But by no means is the PC version of Me2 'alot' better, nothing that will detract or add anything to game.
So it doesn't really matter.
Atm, I plan on getting the 360 this friday/weekend

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TheIneffableBob3243d ago

Yeah, I was worried that they'd streamline the game a bit too much. Oh well, it'll still be a fun game.

mesh13243d ago

the droids saying they are getting this game on th epc are lieing !
its funny when the release date come the droids will be on n4g ,there willbe no mass effect in their imaginery pc rigs

heroprotagonist3243d ago

Of course a lot of them are lying, but don't let it bother you. Just enjoy this masterpiece of a game.

Mottsy3243d ago

And loving it! Will definitely be gettin the sequel! cant believe i put this game off for so long!

kewlkat0073243d ago

I heard they fixed a lot so I have to. So fn Busy this year with games. Not that it's a bad thing.

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