GameTrailers Mass Effect 2 Review

The sequel to Mass Effect is finally here. Does it boldly go places where its predecessor dared not tread?

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Megaton2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

Pretty high from GameTrailers. GRAW and Halo 3 are the only ones I can think of that got higher than 9.7 from GT. Dunno if any others tied a 9.7.

blitz06232881d ago

Good score. I think it will be the highest scoring 360 exclusive. Reach will have a tough time matching that

Cyrax_872881d ago

But this does confirm GT are bias. 9.3 for Uncharted 2 because it didn't innovate but MW2 and ME2 are given a free pass? Anyways, the reviews are racking up and this looks like it could be the highest rated 360 exclusive so far.

chak_2881d ago


The Meerkat2881d ago

Stop crying.

Its quite amazing how many PS3 owners claim to have an expensive gaming PC but refuse to buy a 360 for £129.

A top graphics card for a PC costs more than £129.

Danteh2881d ago

Merkaat, I love games and especially RPG's, so this ME2 are great news to me.... but when some 360 fanboys start spewing nonsense it sometimes makes me wanna see games like ME2 fail :( (I have a PS3).

About the PC, personally I'm not a PC gamer but it's a happy coincidence thatr I just bought a new one with Win7 and of course a decent gaphix card, so I may play this on the PC after so many years ;)

chak_2881d ago

I'm cool no worries, that was just to get my message seen :p

@meekat : I don't give a damn about xbox or ps3, nor about what you think about overpriced graphic card, I'm just pointing the fact that ME2 IS NOT EXCLUSIVE

there are a lot of PC gamer, whatever you think about us.

Raf1k12881d ago

Expensive gaming PC not required for this game. It runs better at 720p than the previous game (on my 3 year old 7900 GS) while still looking better.

If you have anything like the following set up it'll run great without the AA:
3GHz Intel Dual Core
7900 GS
Even with a low spec it looks near enough identical to the 360 version.

DMason2881d ago

This does not in any way make GT biased. Im so fed up with people calling gaming websites bias by scoring one game higher than another. Gamespot scored UC2 a 9.5 while scoring ME2 a 9. Does that make them biased? No.

Cut the BS. This game is good. Learn to live with it. Play it and you'll see. If you go the rest of your life complaining about review scores, you'll never have enough time to play all the great games out there. No matter what system they're on

ShadowCK2881d ago

I knew GameTrailers would do the right thing.

DatNJDom812881d ago

gametrailers. Not knocking the game at all, but gametrailers...... LOL

ryuzu2881d ago

Xbox costs £129 - but I could buy a PC with the spec of a 360 for about £50 and have it be much more useful to boot.

So you've got it the wrong way round - by your logic everyone with a 360 should sell it and get a cheaper PC - same games anyway lol.



This review brought tears to ps3 fangirls!

only on playstaychun2880d ago

The game might not be on the PS3, but I sure am enjoying playing it... on my PC!! Goes the show that even the great 360 exclusives can be played some where else other than on the xbox. Anyways, so far the game is great and I love the presentation in it.

Saaking2880d ago

My one complaint is the new reloading system. I preferred the cool down a LOT more. Still, that's only one downside, but the game as a whole has been vastly improved. The graphics are better than ME, but nowhere near the improvements many of us though they'd be.

Most of the screenshots were most definitely from the Maxed out PC version. The 360 version barely looks better. I'm just around 2 hours in, so I'll continue to hold judgment till I'm done.

hazardman2880d ago

No it does not confirm that GT are bias. It confirms the Mass Effect 2 is an amazing game..It's been getting great reviews from other sites as well..scores i've seen so far range from 9-10..I think 3 or 4 sites gave it 10's..I know there's other great games coming out, but Mass Effect 2 has set the bar so far this yr..

Rampant2880d ago

PC: 94
360: 96

zuperior verzion

WildArmed2880d ago

Game looks awesome.
THink thats the longest Game Review from GT i've seen.
A bit worried now since they mentioned epic loading times on 360 =/

beardpapa2880d ago

great game. just beat it, sad that I lost 3 of my crew especially grunt and jack, but maybe if i picked different options or if I had higher paragon/loyalty they would've survived. Quite an epic last level.

Cyrax_872880d ago

I'm not doubting ME2's scores, I know it deserves them. I'm talking about GT saying something along the lines of "we won't rate a game a 9.3 or higher unless it does something new" for Uncharted 2.

Then a months later MW2 gets a 9.5. Does it deserve that score? Probably, but what exactly did it do that's "new" to get a 9.4 or higher?

Unicron2880d ago

Cyrax, I agree with you. I love ME, and will be grabbing ME2 this weekend. But yeah, it's unfortunate that people take the inconsistency and bias in the media as a chance to defend their console, when the title itself isn't even what's on trial.

beardpapa2880d ago

wow a disagree for commenting about my experience with the last level of the game. stupid fanboys.

hazardman2880d ago

got it dude..see i never knew that..makes GT look like Hypocrites..

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PirateThom2881d ago

Why is this not worldwide release?! :(

kaveti66162881d ago

Global distribution costs more money, and since this is not one of those high-selling games, EA (or Microsoft) will only distribute it to places where they are certain it will be well-received commercially. It will sell 2 or 3 million copies, though.

trancefreak2880d ago

MMhh im going to get it on fri in the U.S! Must wait for payday + it'll give me time to play it for a good duration of time on my weekend. l
Lots of cool games rollin out now I got a big wanted list for my ps3 after ne3

swiftshot932881d ago

F1cking high score from GT, thats really really awesome. Im looking forward to the game...

mesh12881d ago

ps3 cant handle games like theseoo. and masseffect just shat on uc2 graphcially it looks better than uncharted 2 and its an openworld rpg ! fact! not to mention alan wake/reach it will blow even kz3 out of the water

chidori6662881d ago

you are very sad person..

btw gt is noob in reviews..

Bobbykotickrulesz2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

You're an idiot.

Mass Effect 2 is one of those rare 360 games I actually want to play.
Good thing I'm not a fanboy douchebag like the guy above me, because I own all the consoles.

heroprotagonist2881d ago

What are all these amazing games you play on your PS3, Major Jack Hoff? I own both consoles and I honestly find more games I want to play on my 360 than my PS3. 2009 was the PS3's best year and the only games I really liked were Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 and Demon's Souls. I don't know, a lot of PS3 exclusives like Resistance 2 just feel second rate to me and I almost never buy any multiplatform games for my PS3. My 360 gets most of my gaming time and the PS3 is my movie player and there for the occasional good exclusive.