Marvelous Executives And CEO Absorb Deep Pay Cuts

Siliconera: In response to the disappointing earnings forecast, key executive staff at Marvelous Interactive are docking their pay.

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Chris3993242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

If they want to keep a high profit margin, keep dishing out $hit on the DS and PSP (yes, the PSP WAS profitable for them, there was an article on it a while back, 4/5 of their games met financial targets) then use that cash to make a PS3/ 360 QUALITY game.

And don't give me the "quality" argument for the Wii. They made Harvest Moon and Little King's Story, which while being polished and excellent games, sold very little.

And releasing a Wii port 2 years later ala NMH, is a bad idea imo. You port TO the Wii, not from. Though Muramasa with a couple upgrades and HD assets would be gorgeous. They could release it via PSN/ XBL to keep distribution costs down as well.

I also find the Japanese business model very honorable. Trim the fat from the people who make the most money as opposed to mass layoffs.