Mass Effect 2 12.4GB installation

Many will be getting their copies of Mass Effect either tomorrow or tonight at local midnight launches at participating retailers. Since the Xbox 360 now features the option of game installation to improve load times, which the first Mass Effect does benefit from, many likely will be installing Mass Effect onto their system, too.

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erathaol3246d ago

Installing things on Hard Drives cut down on Load times, which is great to me who hates load screens. I like that they have it as an option but most of the time I just take it. Like in Pure, Tekken 6 and GTA IV.

Bathyj3246d ago

No instal for me then.

20GB Pro owner.

SaiyanFury3246d ago

I, as BathyJ stated, own a 20GB Pro original model 360. I won't be getting the 360 version. If I decide to get the game, it'll be on my PC. It'll perform better anyways.

Raf1k13246d ago

I thought this was about the PC version when I read the title and thought that's pretty standard these days.

It's good that it helps improve performance but only if you've got the space for it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3246d ago

I survived with a 20GB for a long time, but then MS introduced installations on 360 games and well... I ended up upgrading to an Elite. The extra space is nice.

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Godmars2903246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Know they're optional, but still, are they DMC4 or MGS4 compliant worthy, or are they a fraction of the time and only reason for gloating?

Karooo3246d ago

its really dissapointing how microsoft didnt include hdd in all 360's just to save cost and sell more than PS3.

they are not giving customers good value for their money.

Godmars2903246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

The question, if you haven't read the full article, is if that's one install or two 1/2 installs for each disc? Once its done will disc switching still be required.

MiloGarret3246d ago

Yes that's my question, will I need to swap discs if I install both of them?

I'd like it to be so, I'm not a fan of moving while playing videogames.

mastiffchild3246d ago

Godmars_surely if you install EVERYTHING to the HDD there can't be ANY need for swapping can there? Funnily enough the ONLY issue i've had with my current 360(we don't talk about the dark days of his predecessors anymore round here)has been with trying to install the first ME. It just won't let me do it-I start it and it aborts yet it runs fine off the disc and I can't see any scratches or anything. Noone can tell me what the problem is but it installs everything else just fine.

Godmars2903246d ago

Don't you, or rather MS, have security issues? Keep people from doing an install and reselling the game.

FamilyGuy3246d ago

you still have to switch disc. The disc current must be in the drive to let you play otherwise the game (disc one or two) could be sold yet still played if you have one disc and both saved to the HDD.

It's funny how (for 360 games) all load times are ignored by reviews because now you can install it to reduce those and at the same time no one downs them for the long time it takes to do the install because it's optional. Oh well, it was a good idea on M$s part and sony should copy it.

jsc249jobal3246d ago

it is MS for goodness sakes, there is no convenience lol

jsc249jobal3246d ago

but really, how much can they cost in bulk for a business. I mean, browse newegg right now and see how much a consumer has to pay for a 120gb laptop HDD...$54.99 for a WD lol

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Karooo3246d ago

But still HDD is a must in every 360. gears 2 textures would stream 2 seconds late and stuff.

Scotracer3246d ago

Which was due to an inherent problem in the Unreal Engine 3, not the 360. All games with that engine suffer from the same issue.

Chris3993246d ago

but ugly as Hell when you load a save. Takes about 30s for the textures to load.

Was Last Remnant UE3, come to think of it? That would explain ALOT.

SuperSaiyan43246d ago

They could have at least advised on whether you have to still swap discs and if the load times are that different from running from HDD.

Tony P3246d ago

"They could have at least advised on whether you have to still swap discs"

They do.

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