Bad Company 2 Singleplayer Footage writes, "Bad Company 2 is a title that is making one hell of an attempt to dethrown Modern Warfare 2 as the most beloved first-person shooter. While EA & DICE have shown a plethora of multiplayer footage over the past few months, we had yet to see any singleplayer footage until recently."

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stickskills3245d ago

Same way here. Loved the first, and can't wait for the second one.

LukaX233245d ago

This is the original story post:

So much for the "contributors" of N4G. -_-

Kevin ButIer3245d ago

That was epic in so many levels...

heroprotagonist3245d ago

Holy crap, that looks incredible. It reminds me of Crysis. I know it is not technically at that level, but it looks really amazing nonetheless. I would say it even outdoes Killzone 2 in some ways. And it blows right by Modern Warfare 2.

The beta was what really sold me on it though. I simply liked it a lot better than Modern Warfare 2.

Must buy.

OmarJA-N4G3245d ago

"I would say it even outdoes Killzone 2 in some ways."

Different environments beside Killzone 2's animation still looks better & the weapons looks more detailed.

bjornbear3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

So agree, this makes MW2 look like a Wii Game xD


I kind of agree with you. But i can't say it out does KZ2...its just not there YET, BUT, its unfair to compare, since this game has fully destructable enviroments for example =/

I'd have to say this is probably the best looking multi.plat ever.

And don't forget - this might be PC version =)

Still, I do agree to a certain extent: yes this is probably the best looking FPS (on consoles) i've seen along with KZ2, and I'm blown away! =O

starchild3245d ago

I'm a long time PC gamer and I honestly don't think this is from the PC version. You can see screen tearing in some places and you would have to have a pretty crappy rig to get screen tearing like that. It must be from the 360 version and it still looks really fantastic.

ape0073245d ago

that looks super duper awesome

the gfx are unbelievable for a console, HUGE, DETAILED WORLDS, amazing lightning and on the top of that destructible environments???

wow that's too good to be true to be seen on a console, especially the xbox 360 after countless claims that it has reached it limits, well there you go this is your answer

day 1 buy

this generation is awesome

Hanif-8763245d ago

The sound is unbelievable. However, i didn't mention the gameplay because only a blind person wouldn't know that this game is the best and most realistic FPS ever created!

Hanif-8763245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Its not from the PC version, its from the xbox360 can clearly see the Xbox360 buttons popping up on the screen at times like 1.25 onwards :-)

dirthurts3245d ago

If you play with the 360 controller on pc you'll see those pop up too...but I agree, looks like the 360 version. Can't wait to see the pc. Drool.

raztad3245d ago

No to be negative but small/low res videos arent a good representation of the actual game visuals. I recall how I was drooling over some small videos of BC2 PS3 and the actual game on my TV looked way different/jagged and no very impressive overall.

My advice is not getting your hopes too high on this one, or at least wait for a 720p video.

talltony3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

That is so obviously the pc version with the 360 controller. Guys remember Brink vids did the same thing, everybody thought it was the 360 version but in the end we all know what really happened. I can almost guarrantee that was the pc version. I just need HD video to really see for sure cause the muddyness in the video quality can make you guess how it looks.

AntoineDcoolette3245d ago

I wasn't interested in the first BFBC but part 2 is looking to shape up quite well. I'm impressed with the endeavors of EA owned studios this generation.

badz1493244d ago

and I hope there's still some humor touch left in the sequel! I like all the characters in the 1st game but watching the vids at where Sarge cuts the enemy's throat, looks like he's not 'that' Sarge anymore!

the game is looking really good and so far, this is the only multiplat I'm planning on buying this year at full price!

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Agent Smith3245d ago

Now those are great graphics.

jannytime3244d ago

what great looking game, i playyed the beta and it did not look like that.. wow.

gijsbrecht3245d ago

But are these not the same clips that were posted earlier today?

MGOelite3245d ago

man if these are 360 clips i cant wait to see how good ps3 and pc version looks. amazing work dice

tdrules3245d ago

ah yeah all those multiplats that look better on ps3 *snigger*

3245d ago
heroprotagonist3245d ago

Huh? Is that why Mirror's Edge and the first Bad Company ran better on the 360?

I know some PS3 fans got it in their heads that Mirror's Edge was better on the PS3, but I compared them myself and the PS3 version had more screen tearing, more slow down, and more jaggies.

Hanif-8763245d ago

DICE confirmed that the BFBC2 PS3 beta was actually in pre-alpha, not even beta yet! so that they could iron out all the bugs and make necessary changes we're they see fit. I'm not 100% sure about where i read this or if it was actually a rumor but DICE is the developer of "Mirrors Edge" and the PS3 is the lead console for that is to be believed that the PS3 is also DICE lead platform for "Battlefield Bad Company 2" because its considerably easier to get better performance out of the PS3 and also easier to port to the Xbox360 without any performance issues than the other way around.

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Lehman Brothers3245d ago

lol @ MGOelite

of course the 360 version + PC will be the superior one, since the PC was the lead plattform.

YOu sound really desperate, do you??

This game destroys KZ2 already.

lightcz3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

what about your Halo4? This game makes Halo4 looks like a Wii game. Give gun to Mario and there, you have your Halo.

This game is for mature/hardcore players which excludes 360 fanboys. They have MW2 glitchfest and powerRanger games. PC and PS3 owns this.

3245d ago
heroprotagonist3245d ago

No, Halo Reach and Bad Company 2 both look amazing, and they both look a little better than Killzone 2.

lightcz3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

LOL, you need to definitely play KZ2 on good LCD TV. Give up your old CRT b/w TV and roll with time grandpa. Oh, almost forgot, call your son right at this moment to get appointment for your eye as well. Your thick foggy glass was expired before your son was born.

Hanif-8763245d ago

What have you been smoking? Killzone 2 is the most graphical impressive console FPS to date. However, BFBC2 in my opinion is a overall better game but does it look better? hell to the Fuucking NO!

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