Crackdown 2 Success Is In Jeopardy

Crackdown when it was first released turned out to be a decent game selling over a million copies which is great for a new IP but will Crackdown 2 share the same success.

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TrevorPhillips3241d ago

Crackdown 1 was a great game but since the second one is going to have monsters I dont know I like it when there's street gangs

Bungie3241d ago

how could anybody compare crackdown to GTA

crackdown is a superhero game like Prototype and Infamous

oh it's HHG , never mind then

LukaX233241d ago

Who said they can't bundle Crackdown 2 with another beta? :-P

Tony P3241d ago

Man, I hate that people do this to Crackdown.

All Halo did was get Crackdown more exposure. And sometimes you need that because the average gamer tends to pass over the new IP, even if it has high scores like Crackdown.

The game however would not have been well received if it wasn't genuinely fun and engaging. So give the damn devs some credit.

EVILDEAD3603241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

LMAO @ HHG targeting Crackdown 2 now..

Let's go behind the scenes at HHG article decision making process for 2010...

Umm..Let's hate on Reach guys...Nah we already did that..let's wait till February to get our monthly Reach bash in

How about Mass Effect 2? Nah..the reviews came in and we'd look even more like idiots for bashing another game that we never played.

How about Crackdown's not even close to a release date we know nothing more than the actual fans of the game..but we'll a silly comparison and our PS3 brethren who never played the game will back me up anyways..sounds like a winner

Hopefully they don't notice that..

Comparing a Crackdown 2 is pure silliness. Too Human got bashed for the ten year development time..which is funny because the original game started on Sony. It was only developed for the 360 for maybe 3 years. It got overly bashed by the press on the bandwagon. But, that game was a blast..and it's drop in co-op was crack. they called it frustrating because you died a million times and had that silly angel cutscene..but fast forward and I died just as much in Demon souls with wayyy more backtracking and that is now called 'groundbreaking'.

Crackdown 2 had the Halo was pure crack umm pun intended)..still one of the best experience of this generation..and it's EASILY the spiritual successor to both Prototype and Infamous..but was the first to conquer the sandbox co-op.

Fast fwd..Infamous is bundled with Killzone 2..people actually like the game..and it's a million seller. So should some hater actually write..Infamous 2 to fail because it won't be bundled with the ultra-hyped Killzone?

Bottomline..why pretend Crackdown can't improve on it's original formula and still be successful when games like Assassin's Creed 2 and now Mass effect 2 get hailed for it.

If your strictly pretending it won't get sales than consider the original Crackdown was released to an install base of 11 Million and ended up doing 1.5 million..The sequel will be release to an install of over 35 Million..if the game delivers..chance of success? Highly likely..

Ain't this the guy who pretended the last Transformer game was the second coming of christ? How'd that do again? And now you going at Crackdown 2? Pure Comedy..


Lou-Cipher3241d ago

I think Crackdown is 100 X better than Halo 3. IMO

I might actually buy Halo Reach as long as it has a Crackdown 2 beta or Demo.

xabmol3241d ago

Agree +1

Bubs +1

Man-hug +1

Crackdown is awesome! And the one exclusive retail game that makes me want a 360.

Graphics are not everything, HHG.

garos823241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

wasnt expecting much but it was really good actually. i liked the way everything could be leveled up and you felt your "superhero" could do anything! am curious to see what the sequel does.

the cool thing about v games is that unnlike hollywood, the games usually get better with each sequel so i have no doubt i will enjoy crackdown 2.

all that beta business is just a harmless way of marketing. i remember buying zone of the enders for mgs2 demo back in the day. thanks to mgs i got a chance to have a go on a very underatted game imo

edit*after watching the video he does bring up a lot of good points. i hadnt seen the first videos of it before and it was a little underwhelming as a first impression. furthermore it could be in danger from many other stiff competition games out there.and third i was under the impression there would have been a reach beta for it.
having said that i still enjoyed the first one and i will give it a fair chance when it hits

StanLee3241d ago

Clicked on the source link not releasing it was Hiphopgamer. Decided to give him a listen and I'm sorry I wasted my God damn time. God, the guy's a moron.


IT was average game...that needed work...but maybe they should put a gears of war beta on it

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Magnus3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

The game will have some of the mechanics of GTA but it moved the bar up and those mechanics became Infamous and Prototype wich made them even better. The only way Crackdown 2 will fail is if they rehash the game add 1 or 2 more enemies and keep the levels the same thats how it will fail if it plays better than Prototype then I will get it.

I do give HipHop some credit for saying the word exclusive bet that was a tounge twister for him. I was wondering if he learned better english this year but I guess not theres always X mas 2010 for Hip Hop to learn english.

Advari3241d ago

Does he ever think before he speaks I wish the FFC would ban this guy

xabmol3241d ago

I wish the FCC would die a slow horrible painful death along with all other forms of censorship.

And if you're for censorship, you can join 'em. :)

Free speech my friend. You don't like it? TURN THE CHANNEL! No one made you click the link, man.

-MD-3241d ago

Well I bought the original because of the Halo 3 beta, won't be buying the sequel.

Come to think of it I don't think I beat the game yet.

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