Farewell Nintendo

Nintendo is gone. Well, not gone as in vanished or destroyed entirely, but gone as in changed – transformed.

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Mahr3241d ago

Ooh, this is gonna have a fun comment section.

ZoidsRaven3241d ago

We are just going to prove those clowns wrong, and then they are just going to preach the same sh!t on the next bait article. 7_7

blu_yu_away3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Nintendo has continued to put out impressive first party games of the absolute highest quality. It's not their fault that their casual sensation has drawn 3rd party shovelware like honey draws flies.

Mahr3241d ago

"We are just going to prove those clowns wrong, and then they are just going to preach the same sh!t on the next bait article. 7_7 "

Of course. You have to understand that nothing ever gets 'proven' around here, because to prove something to someone requires communication, and communication requires common ground. The point has been reached where there is almost no common ground on this issue.

Tiberium3241d ago

Nintendo's main problem is they aren't making any new IP's. The games that have come out are sequels or remakes in previous franchises.

asdr3wsfas3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

"The point has been reached where there is almost no common ground on this issue."

The best you can do is justify your opinion and come to an understanding with one individual. This requires conceding a point to them, as people are more likely to agree after you agree with them. Make the point trivial.

However, for people who love trolling and flamebait these articles are goldmines. I suggest a point card.

Anger ape007/leon - 10 points
Insult someone for thinking nintendo started with n64 or starting video games at ps1 - 5 points (stacks with ape007)
Worry HD gamer by saying their business model is unsustainable and the future will be entirely 2d/minigame titles regardless of the truth of this statement - 30 points if they blame nintendo for killing gaming
Make fun of HD gamer for not knowing college aged women love the wii, implying they are eunuchs - 10 points
Mock HD gamer for not knowing anything about modern gfx cards/technology/programming - 10 points
Make infuriating comparisons between failed gaming systems like the 3dO/jaguar/neogeo and PS3 - 10 points
Imply HD gamer is in love with nathan drake - 50 points
Make a sarcastic comment about how advanced the cell is and get agrees - 15 points
Accurately describe how video games based on violence, sex, or bad sexual jokes are marketed to teenagers - 5 points
Bait a post from HD gamer where they actually seem on the verge of tears - 100 points if you draw this out

Add your own for fun!

Mahr3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

"Nintendo's main problem is they aren't making any new IP's. The games that have come out are sequels or remakes in previous franchises."

This is a valid concern, although to be fair it applies more to Nintendo of America than, say, Nintendo of Japan. Over there, they do their best to encourage stuff like Another Code R, Captain Rainbow, Disaster, or Zangeki no Reginleiv.

"I suggest a point card."

Man, that reminds me of the days when gametheory used to post lengthy rants about how he wanted to have me killed for not caring enough about HD. I miss him.

ZoidsRaven3240d ago

"Imply HD gamer is in love with nathan drake - 50 points"
"Make fun of HD gamer for not knowing college aged women love the wii, implying they are eunuchs - 10 points"
"Accurately describe how video games based on violence, sex, or bad sexual jokes are marketed to teenagers - 5 points"

I am ashamed to say I have collected 65 points. 7_7

@Mahr: I know, but being a broken record isn't my idea of fun. Normally it wouldn't bother me, but when I'm repeating it to the same person it makes me feel like I'm wasting my time.

asdr3wsfas3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

While your 65 points are impressive, Mahr not only lead a HD gamer to tears for 100 points, he received death threats in the same post. That is at least 200 points and nomination for a lifetime achievement award.

With the gushing for uncharted my girlfriend and I call orgasms "nathan draking." She ruined the couch my first playthrough.

If getting points isn't fun I don't know what is. :)

Gr813240d ago

I once had some punk ass PM me: Called me a C*** S***** threatened to kill me told me to report him (I didn't, I'm no snitch lol)

All because I was disagreeing with a B*** S*** article just like this one. I still have that message actually LoL. I can send it to any one who wants to read it. Good times. I don't think he's a member any more. Oh Well.

Oh yeah, and there was this other time when both me AND EvilTwin were talking to some pion trying to convince him that dev costs for Wii were less than the dev costs for HD games. But he was having none of it. His name is..well it doesn't matter what his name is..But he was a moron and surprisingly had more bubbles than Mahr ; ) funny how that works.

hatchimatchi3240d ago

you realize you guys come off just as bad as the ps3 & 360 fanboys, right?

pcz3240d ago

It should read 'Hello Nintendo,' seeing as nintendo have actually re-invented the games industry and brought it to a wider audience.

Strange that the writer goes on a nostalgia trip, making out Nintendo has changed... If you love the oldskool that much, there is the virtual console! Go and download a load of old games and play, anything to stop you posting this nonsense.

ZoidsRaven3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

That doesn't make one sh!t of sense. Do you see us going on articles (that aren't posted on the Wii section) posting things like "it sales only cause it's Halo", "RRoD FTW", "360 = good heater for winter", "lol another GAY-LO game", "PS3 is just a Blu-ray player". All most of us do is defend, not go on raids in the PS3 and 360 section. Or is that what you want?

Seriously, finding an article where a Wii defender/fanboy resorts to name calling will be a hard task. On the other hand, you say the word and I'll find you like ten articles where someone is called "Bot" in the PS3 or 360 section. Comparing us to them is a joke, I hope you know that Hat. 7_7

hatchimatchi3240d ago

Actually it makes complete sense.

In your rush to come defend the wii you failed to notice that there is hardly anyone in the this article that is making fun of the wii. You guys talk about having a discussion but you make it clear in your first post that you're just going to prove these "clowns" wrong.

You may not go into other sections and start wars but you and other users here act like bullies to people.

5th Devil of the Ful3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

'you realize you guys come off just as bad as the ps3 & 360 fanboys, right?'

No they're don't, the ps3 and 360 fanboys act way more out of hand then this. It's as 'zoidsraven' said, they most likely defend their section.

You must understand, back in 2009 (before I had the balls to join N4G), hate and trolling in the Wii section was at a all time high. Try to understand that some of the people here were probably treated like s*** just for owning a Wii (by this site's ps3 and 360 owners), so don't be too shacked if they act..... intense.

Trevorthenerd3240d ago

Who cares what fanboys say! Its there loss if they miss out some of the best games out this gen...

Mahr3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

"You may not go into other sections and start wars but you and other users here act like bullies to people."

If I have ever bullied you, or if you believe I have ever bullied you, I apologize.

However, if you believe that because I can laugh about someone who said that everyone who disagreed with him needed to be put in concentration camps (seriously), then I am therefore just as bad as him -- well, if you believe that, you are wrong.

If my saying so hurts your feelings, I am truly sorry -- but you are still wrong. You are just as wrong as those people were who used to say that calling out racism was a form of racism itself.

"In your rush to come defend the wii you failed to notice that there is hardly anyone in the this article that is making fun of the wii"

Right, hardly anyone -- except for, y'know, the entirety of the article itself in question, which is itself emblematic of the greater overall debate on the issue.

Although that's really not an entirely accurate assessment, because the article isn't 'making fun' of anything per se, as that would imply going about things with a sense of humor, whereas the article is more "Nintendo, you've totally changed! It used to be all about the music!" and is dead serious about it.

"His name is..well it doesn't matter what his name is..But he was a moron and surprisingly had more bubbles than Mahr"

What? Someone had more bubbles than me? Who are they? Tell me, so I may destroy them!

In case you can't tell, 1.13, that's a joke on my part. I honestly don't want to destroy anybody.

asdr3wsfas3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

hatch - didn't you once make a crack that your wii had no dust on it because you cleaned your apartment? And then tried to act like you just made a factual statement?

There's at least one article like this a day in this section. Usually they include posts saying:

-nintendo makes games for soccer moms, kids, and fatties
-wii is last gen and only uninformed morons buy it
-direct implications casual games are for morons and or gamers are retards
-this game should come to a real system like 360 or ps3
-there are no good wii games in posts where it has no relevance or bearing despite posts mentioned above saying every good wii exclusive should go HD (Epic Mickey, NMH2, NBA Jam, TvC, RS2)
-no one buys wii games/this wii game tanked despite any evidence showing it made a profit, sold well, or the wii has the highest attach rate of any console
-nintendo games have tired old gameplay mechanics
-nintendo games suck now
-people saying no one plays their wii despite everyone here clearly saying they do and responding to them
-a crossposted artcle about games that are not even on the wii

Go replace nintendo with sony and wii with ps3 and post this in that section. Go criticize uncharted 2 first chance you get. Watch your bubbles die. I once made a sarcastic comment that the cell was so fast it could see through time in the ps3 section. I got agrees.

There's no time to rip on people elsewhere for bashing on the wii, there's multiple articles like this daily posted here.

hatchimatchi3240d ago

oobob, here's 2 examples i found from my comment history.

"38 days 11 hours ago
Why do ps3 fanboys get so uppity when it comes to the exclusives.

Guess what, i don't own a 360, i own a ps3 and i wanna say this.

Infamous is overrated
I'm more excited for Dantes Inferno than i am for GOW3
Uncharted 2 is awesome but it was the exact same gameplay that we saw in the original Uncharted.
Batman: Arkham Asylum is a better action game than Uncharted 2 is.

Bayonetta is an awesome game, and that's based on the full game, not the demo. I have the import"

"36 days 3 hours ago
I don't understand why some ps3 fanboys have such a hard time taking this game seriously. It has good graphics, great music, great gameplay and a great story.

I love how people make fun of bayonetta like shes this worthless character yet these are the same people who are in love with kratos.

As much as i enjoy the GOW series (trust me, i love the games), Kratos is such a one dimensional annoying character.

It's just, "RAWRRR, im gonna scream and kill everything because the gods owe me"

Ok kratos, we get it....

Also, i love how people bash bayonetta for being too sex oriented but these are the same people that brag about kratos have a 3some mini game. Huh?

Point being, SOME sony fanboys are cry babies and hypocrites.

I'm gonna enjoy bayonetta & gow3."

ZoidsRaven3240d ago

Wrong, Hat. It still doesn't make sense.

Defend? I was only talk about people bashing the Wii, no where in my posts you would find me Wii defending on this article. So no, Hat. I was not in a "rush" to defend the Wii. I was only speaking from actual experience. And don't (for one second) think I only Wii defend, my distaste for fanboyism and "console hate" goes far beyond that of N4G.

Bully? You see Hat, that's why people think you're a fanboy. How is what I said I am (a defender) have any relation to a bully? Who is more olf a bully, the attacker or the defender? If this is a hard question for you then there is no point in continuing this argument, if acknowledge what I just said is true and you also want to address some of my other points.

Take it to pms. You will not be blocked unless you go out of line (like baum did). 7_7

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ChickeyCantor3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

"Nintendo was losing touch with what gamers wanted"
Yes follow the hord that actually brought them into their own doom...well almost.

Recheck N64 and the GCN days.
Great support from the gamers right? LOL.

Nintendo has done enough to please their usual fanbase.
Other people are just whining for the sake of it.
And with the upcoming titles im not really seeing how they lost touch at all.

"The irony of this is, of course, that Nintendo was the company that started the arms race in the first place. They were the ones that designed the SNES to display 32,768 colors, compared to the Genesis’s 512. And they were the ones that created the Super FX co-processor – a graphics chip (released during the 16-bit era) that allowed for never-before-seen 3D visuals on a home console."
Actually Nintendo usually had the lower specs. They used Add-ons to beef up their hardware( like the FX-chip inside some games)

Eventually other consoles did that stuff out of the box.

"And so, yes, Nintendo is gone. Gone, but not forgotten. The company’s innovations and brilliance during the 80s and 90s "

Lets not show him what the first NES package art looked like...lets just hint out there was a mama, a dada and a child playing some Nintendo game.
This guy is delusional =D.

N4g_null3241d ago

Have you noticed a trend. N64 kids who really didn't grow up In the epicness of the nes or snes are the ones complaining the most. Also notice that the n64 was the only console where they pushed 3d onto the gamer.

Nintendo does not do this much any more. That was the only gen where they completely ignored their past and tried to create stuff for younger gamers because surely mario64 was pale in comparison to Mario 3. This was the gen when colecting was more important than skill.

I'm glad that nintendo is almost dead. I hope those gamers die off also. Sorry to be so harsh yet those games sucked. They sucked so bad that every one left. Now that nintendo is back on track making stuff for it's true fans it is doing fine yet nintendo has changed.

Oh that is right the n64 did not have a zapped, power pad or 2d games. Now that those things are back nintendo has changed. Guys like this remind me of pc gamers that hated the nes. They even have the same arguements.

So yeah nintendo did change back into nintendo. You can have your Mario sunshine Mario party crap. Their motion control games are classic nintendo all day. Every thing is actually back to normal. And gimicks are only features with no talent behind them. People are only loyal to fun.

kornbeaner3241d ago

Nintendo is back to their old selves finally. N64 was good but I never looked forward to playing anything on that system besides the WCW wrestling games (those are the best wrestling games ever created, back when Yukes was good) but compared to NES and SNES the 64 was super lame. They started coming back with the gamecube but no third party support furthered the problem of getting 1 or 2 great games every year and a half. Now they release great first party titles but are victim to tons of shovelware due to popularity but as far as I am concerned Nintendo has returned to the form that made them great back in the days. Most people who complain are to young to remember NES and SNES. Those 2 systems are past forms of what the wii is, a great system for diehards but due to popularity got tons of shovelware. Nintendo is back to great form with the Wii and people who grew up with N64 only should keep their mouths shut cause you guys don't know SH!T.

Gr813241d ago

KornBeater: Wrestling games on the 64 were the peak of wrestling games, but they weren't made by Yukes, it was made by AKI (good times).

This guy has to be about 17-19 yrs old. Anyone can see the Wii is the NES reincarnate.

This guy says farewell Nintendo, Nintendo should probably say "good riddance" to this guy.

asdr3wsfas3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Agreed, this guy is completely delusional. I get new punchout after over a decade and he's crying that nintendo has changed. Good, I missed 'em.

And the wii even has new bubble bobble, contra, castlevania, gradius, old style final fantasy VI followup, muramasa, 2d mario and 2d wario. mario kart returned to the SNES style.

This is what console gaming was during the NES and SNES era. And he's crying because one of three systems is giving old gamers what they want? Hardcore gamers are again proving that narcissism isn't only for teenagers.

hatchimatchi3240d ago

I think you guys are getting ahead of yourselves. The wii has some great games but it's nowhere near the software library greatness that the nes & snes has.

5th Devil of the Ful3240d ago

Actually, they are almost the same. I mean a punch-Out for the Wii, that just screams out attention for Nintendo's classic fans.
And how would you know? Is the Wii's lifespan over? No, then you must wait before stating something like that.

Oh, and please explain yourself a little better next time.

hatchimatchi3240d ago


So me saying the software library for the wii isn't as good as the snes or nes is a problem because the consoles life isn't over. However, it's ok for people to say it's better?

How can I explain it better? I don't the think the software library for the wii holds a candle to that of the nes or snes. It's easy to understand.

5th Devil of the Ful3240d ago

I wasn't supporting what anyone else had said, I'm just saying that the Wii is almost the same. Just because I reply to you, doesn't mean I think everyone else is right.

You didn't explain why you thought the wii's games wasn't as good as the SNES/NES games. Details was lacking in your post. Simple.

hatchimatchi3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Ok, you weren't agreeing with anyone but yet you see fit to call me out and no one else. That makes sense.

Here's the answer you want.

Lets see.

All these games that you guys love and make you say that nintendo has gone back to it's roots are games that mimic titles from the nes and snes. More often than not when talking about nintendo titles, the original games are wholly considered better than the later titles. That's why I think the nes and snes software library is much better than the Wii's. First party efforts and especially third party.

5th Devil of the Ful3240d ago

Well you was the last to post, of course you'd get the royal treatment. ;)
............. So, because I pick one guy out of 6-7 guys to reply to, I should have replied to the others/? That smart. :/

There, that's all I asked for. Some details, the tantrum/fit wasn't necessary.

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na-no-nai3241d ago

what a joke. nintendo didnt really changed its the people who grew up with nintendo change.

so the motion controller not a innovation? weird cuz i thought it was.
well over the years nintendo did lose developers and gamers but that about all. i dont see how they are losing touch.

EvilTwin3241d ago

It's weird. Some people say "Nintendo has changed too much," and others say "they haven't changed at all and are still releasing the same types of games."

The one thing that gets me from the article is this:

"But make no mistake, the company that you grew to love and support during the 80s and 90s is no more, replaced by an impostor that doesn’t have your best interest as a gamer in mind."

Best interest?
Does anyone think Microsoft had our best interests in mind when they rushed a console to market that broke down so regularly?
Does anyone think Sony had our best interests in mind when they launched the PS3 at $600?

These are businesses, folks. Why people think they're altruistic entities made of sunshine and candy is beyond me.

Mahr3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Good grief, I must have missed that part when I read through -- he *seriously* said that part about best interests?

Yeah, like when the NES introduced region locking to consoles, they did that to protect us from playing games with Japanese text in them. If we could play imports on our systems, madness and death would surely ensue. Thanks, 80s Nintendo!

hatchimatchi3240d ago

i'm sure people will say,

"HA! I knew you were a ps3 fanboy!" for this comment but sony WAS looking out for gamers (in a sense) with the launch of the ps3 price at $600. Yes it's an outrageous price and I didn't buy one, (I was waiting in line for a wii) but sony was selling the system at a loss. The system cost $700something to manufacture when it first came out. As for microsoft, the RROD is laughable and the reason I won't buy a 360.

Valencia3240d ago

Sony was looking out for themselves when they charged 600 bucks for the PS3, not the gamer. Sony thought they would get the same sales they got for the ps2 on the ps3 (that's the only reason they worked so hard on the ps3) and boy did it backfire. Sony is a company, they want our money like evey other company out there does.

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FishCake9T43241d ago

When i was a kid and i had a N64 i was the biggest Nintendo fanboy. Games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, ISS 64, Legend Of Zelda, F Zero X, Mario Kart and 64 etc etc. Now compare those games that were made over 10 years ago to Wii game. Nintendo are dead to me.

Zackstorm3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Name me one other developer who's put out as many games rated over 85% this generation as Nintendo has. Across the Wii and DS Nintendo and their developers have put out:

Super Mario Galaxy
Twilight Princess
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
New Super Mario Bros.
Punch Out!!
Super Paper Mario
Flipnote Studio
Mario Kart DS
Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass
Advanced Wars: Duel Strike
New Super Mario Bros.
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Kirby Canvas Curse
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin
Metroid Prime Hunters
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
Super Mario 64 DS

Plus this year Nintendo is putting out numerous titles that are sure to do well. If by releasing games like Wii Sports and Wii Fit Nintendo's able to keep the industry healthy and fund all the aforementioned great games, who cares?

Nintendo hasn't changed, they're putting as much (or more) quality titles out this generation than ever before. The Wii is being jerked around by 3rd parties, but that's nothing new for a Nintendo console.

Seekerofthewind3241d ago

What a pathetic article. xD Kinda sad, really.