Halo: Reach - 20+ Direct Feed 1080p Shots

Ve3tro writes: "If you've been patiently waiting for the media embargo to break so you can get eyes on the latest Halo: Reach assets in high resolution. "

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GreenRingOfLife3246d ago

This game keeps getting better and better! GOTY confirmed

Convas3246d ago

Well, I won't go as far as to say that, but I will say the Halo REACH is looking better by the day, and these are Pre-Alpha shots from a stable build from Thanksgiving. Bungie'll impress us yet!

blitz06233246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

GOTY confirmed? Kratos says hi

steck673246d ago

Hm... A little too early for that don't you think?

A strong GOTY contender nonetheless.

Saaking3246d ago

There's way too many GOTY contenders this year. Personally, I think it'll probably go to GOWIII or maybe TLG if it releases.

Anon19743246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I love all things Halo, and these screens are just heightening my anticipation. The one thing that did confuse me was, which are which?
The article mentions these are "in engine screenshots along with some evocative pieces of concept art" but they all look like they're 3D rendered images. Anybody know the difference here?

Edit: I figured it out. One of the links has the concept art, this main one seems to be all in-engine shots.

MerkinMax3246d ago

Their were two posts for this exact same thing two hours prior. Just wondering...

execution173246d ago

most likely just upscaled, and the probability of Halo Reach being 1080p is pretty slim, disagree with me if you want Halo Reach will probably be 720p

darkmurder3246d ago

b b bu its only slightly better looking than halo 3, mag is much better.... :'(

CWMR3246d ago

[email protected] Marius Elijah
"Halo never wins GOTY"

False. Both Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2 won game of the year awards. If Halo Reach turns out to be as good as it is looking to be it has a shot at winning GOTY awards as well.

@ execution17

Of course it will not be 1080p. It will be 720p like the majority of games this generation. Almost all of the graphically advanced games this generation have been 720p, such as Gears of War 1 & 2, Killzone 2, etc.-


For some reason i cant view the screenshots!

Takes me to another window where i cant view them

Is anyone else experiencing this prb or am i the only one?

My internet connecion is good.

execution173246d ago

not everyone does though, how many times have you seen people claiming a game is in 1080p when they try to start a flame war of some sort

The Maxx3246d ago

Halo 1 - Halo was critically acclaimed and received an overall score of 97% on Metacritic.[1] Electronic Gaming Monthly observed, "This game has me totally mesmerized ... [It] engages your intellect on a whole different level", and of its multiplayer, "GoldenEye was the multiplayer standard for console first-person shooters... It has been surpassed," awarding the game a perfect score.[6] GameSpot claimed that "Halo's single-player game is worth picking up an Xbox for alone", commenting, "Not only is this easily the best of the Xbox launch games, but it's easily one of the best shooters ever, on any platform."[19] IGN remarked similarly, calling Halo a "can't miss, no-brainer, sure thing, five star, triple A game."[17] Edge called it "the most important launch game for any console, ever", and awarded it a 10 out of 10 score, only the fourth such rating in the magazine's first eight years of publishing.[30] The game received numerous Game of the Year awards, including those of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences,[82] Electronic Gaming Monthly, Edge, and IGN.[83] The British Academy of Film and Television Arts awarded Halo "Best Console Game", and Rolling Stone presented it with their "Best Original Soundtrack" award. According to, the game received a total of 48 awards.[83] Among the specific aspects that reviewers praised were the balance of weapons, the role of drivable vehicles,[5][17] and the artificial intelligence of enemies.[5][30]

Halo 2 - Many reviewers praised the audio for being especially vivid.[52][50] Multiplayer especially was noted in being the best on Xbox Live at the time. Game Informer, along with numerous other publications, rated it higher than Halo: Combat Evolved, citing enhanced multiplayer and less repetitive gameplay, however on one occasion Halo 2 was beaten by its predecessor in IGN's Top 25 Xbox Games of All Time where Halo: Combat Evolved secured #1 with Halo 2 following in #2. Halo 2 received multiple awards, including Best Console game and Best Sound Design from the Interactive Achievement Awards. Most critics noted that Halo 2 stuck with the formula that made its predecessor successful, and was alternatively praised and faulted for this decision. Edge noted in its review, “It's fitting that we're able to steal a line from the script to sum everything up. No spoilers here, just an epitaph, from the moment Cortana turns to Master Chief and says this: 'It's not a new plan. But we know it'll work.'"[50] According to, the game has received more than 38 individual awards.[56] The game's campaign mode has received some criticism for being too short,[57] in addition to some dissatisfaction with the abrupt, cliffhanger ending that sets up the sequel, Halo 3.[53] GameSpot noted that the story switching between the Covenant and Human factions made the plot more intricate, but distracted the player from Earth's survival and the main point of the game.[53] There is also some criticism of the game's on-the-fly streaming and level of detail adjustment, which can sometimes result in textures loading erroneously and "popping in" when the camera changes in cutscenes. Bungie has stated that this issue has been fixed for Halo 3 and the Windows Vista port.

Halo 3 - Halo 3 was nominated for seven awards from the Spike TV Awards,[113] of which it won "Best Multiplayer Game" and "Most Addictive Video Game Fueled by Dew".[114] It won TIME magazine's "Game of the Year" and IGN chose it as the Best Xbox 360 Online Multiplayer Game and Innovative Design of 2007.[115][116][117] Halo 3 won "Multiplayer Game of the Year" and "Geezer Game of the Year" as awarded by Geezer Gamers as well as runner-up for "Best Shooter".[118] The Visual Effects Society awarded Bungie the "Best Real Time Visuals in a Video Game" for Halo 3.[119] Halo 3 took the Calvin Award for "Best Videogame" as selected by Box Office Prophets.[120] Halo 3 also took the award for Xbox 360 Game of the Year 2007 from, and was voted by fans as Game of the Year on G-Phoria. Halo 3 won the Edge Award For Interactive Innovation in August 2008.[121

gamer20103246d ago

Wow the Halo games have won a ton of awards. I doubt Halo Reach will be any different. The graphics are looking outstanding and I know that Bungie will pull through on the gameplay. The music is sure to be amazing as well. Halo is such a standout franchise for me.

Christopher3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I'll never understand how it's 1080p when it's natively 720p.

Anyway, I hope they add in more cover foliage/terrain/buildings. A lot of those make it look like you just run out in the open and shoot the enemies that are also out in the open.

And, I sure as heck better be able to set those bales of hay on fire... because I'm a pyro and it's fun.

ColdFire3246d ago

How can you have 1080p screens on a 620p game?

ThanatosDMC3246d ago

Stop overhyping GOW3 like it's going to be a godly game (pun intended). It's not a game that caters to everyone.

Red Panda3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

crapped in a box and called it ultimate halo it would be on the game of the year list. Even if the game turns out to be disappointing it will ride on its name alone. So many pathetic sheep. MW2 is the same way. Its sad how new and innovative gets buried by rehashed and generic. I think its still going to be guys in motocross helmets and pretty new armor shooting aliens that still act like characters from a pixar movie. In other words for kids and adults who have the mindset of a kid.

The Happy Baby3246d ago

But i'll admit i've been surprised before, like when UC2 won over MW2. Popular isnt everything but its hard to beat Halo, and you can be damn sure, there isnt a Dev out there who doesnt fear/respect Bungie.

Trevorthenerd3245d ago

More exited over metroid other m to be honest. :\

KurdGamer3245d ago

lol no halo game is GOTY material.

here are what I think are GOTY nominees for 2010...

God of war 3
heavy rain
Mass effect 2
FF 13

all halo games are over rated trash.

SilentNegotiator3245d ago

ROLF, now the xbox guys (not understanding the concept of native resolution) are going to claim that "Reach plays in 1080p and GOW3 'only' plays in 720p"

SilentNegotiator3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

They're ''In-engine'', meaning 99.99% chance suggests they're running it on computers.

Sprudling3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Yup, they are certainly in-engine, but the game will not look like this when playing. The shots are native 1080p with insane AA, which just isn't gonna happen on the 360 unfortunately.

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003246d ago

really like the night levels, and the lighting is impressive but there seems to be a lot of bloom in some of the pictures.

Tachyon_Nova3246d ago

Haven't you realised that that is what console games do to enhance graphics?

DJ3246d ago

And then there's HDR corona effects, which look a lot better but tax the hardware significantly. It's a lot more subtle than bloom though, which is why some developers (like Polyphony Digital) still go with it.

ryuzu3246d ago

How come, in those shots there's only at most about 4 characters on display?

And several of them are showing the main characters from an outside view so I guess those are cutscenes - in fact a minority seem to be from FPS perspective....

Finally, I see the irony of Naughty Dog's Next Gen filter from UC2 has been lost on Bungie ;) Anymore bloom and I'd put it in a flower show lol.


OmegaKulu3245d ago

Full screen full bloom is getting old(like 3years ago) and annoying imo...

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Deadman643246d ago

well if your not impressed they might as well cancel the project because millions of people just won't buy it if your not impressed


hey deadman did he say all that, way to put your words in someone elses mouth, and by the way im not impressed either, i thought this game was going to look really good, but it doesnt, it just looks alright. luckily though it doesnt come out for another 7 to 8 months, so alot can change but i dont think it will.

Deadman643245d ago

hey buddy,

actually I did not put words in his mouth. I was simply mocking the fact that he deemed it so necessary to state that he was "not impressed". I was simply building upon what he stated, giving an action to his statement.


-MD-3246d ago

Very impressive, looking forward to seeing the final build.

Shadow Man3246d ago

This time Bungie is going for a more Darker look.

Go back to MAG where 250 players don't talk.

PeptoBismol3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )


edit: how can you guys disagree? it's a classic!!!

CWMR3246d ago

-You guys are lame. I don't see the similarity, aside from the fact the Halo games have a little more color than the typical brown and gray shooters that are out there. In my opinion that is a good thing.-


i like how its ok for halo to have a darker tone, but killzone did and every xbot in here was like greyzone 2 dog and some crap like that, well this is Greylo.

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