GameStop Coupon: $10 Off $59.99 Game

"Save $10 on any game priced $59.99 or more at!

This coupon works on Mass Effect 2, and MAG! has Free shipping on all orders over $25.

Expires 01/26/10 at 11 AM CST."

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WildArmed3249d ago

Oh great!
It's too late to screw with my ME2 preorder, but i can cancel my WKC order.
And re-order it with the coupon!
Thanks 4 the heads up

AAACE53249d ago

I didn't like the Beta for MAG and I just tried to play Mass Effect 1 so that I could beat and then I remembered why I never beat it before... It's kinda boring!

However MAG might end up being a bit better than the Beta I played, it still wasn't much fun. And ME 2 will look better, but it will stiil be kinda boring.

Hopefully other gamers will enjoy these games!

haqshot3249d ago

Meh, almost every new game that comes out already sells for at least $5 off at Amazon. Figure in the price drop later, and you can get games significantly cheaper. For example, Darksiders is already $42.99 on Amazon.

Dev8 ing3249d ago

Meh every game on PC comes in at $50 retail. Then you get steam deals that knock off $5-$15. And then you get the crazy steam deals where you get the original game free a la Bioshock 2 for $45.

Cheeseknight283249d ago

Darksiders won't stay at that price forever. The only reason it is $42.99 is because Newegg is currently running a deal at that price.

That's why I love Amazon. They are ruthless in price matching. Target had Spirit Tracks, Kingdom Hearts, and Mario & Luigi for $25 last winter and Amazon matched in a matter of hours.

EvilBlackCat3249d ago

MAG is out too?

wow! unnoticed

Christopher3249d ago

Eh, I'd go for the shipping deal if I already didn't get $3 off the price of the game plus a $10 credit at That and I pay $80 a year for two-day shipping, which saves me a ton in the end since I buy a lot from them.

As far as in-store purchases, won't see me buying a new game from a GameStop brick & mortar store ever.

PanicEnders3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Does this work for Pre-orders?

Edit:it works with pre-orders :D

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