Tiger Woods 08 Trailer

EA Sports released this first trailer of Tiger Woods 08, showing the famous golfer in action, and with some teasing for a mysterious GamerNet.

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gapzi11a3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

The screenshots look like crap! How could EA even release those? They're fuzzy, washed out, and the textures are terrible. What is going on with Tiger's arms in the 2nd one? Is that a zombie with a "cricket bat" behind him? This is either a big mistake or a big disappointment.

Loopy3806d ago

EA did it again!
The same rehash and crap from previous year.
Best thing is, it looks worse than the previous ones.
And I'm guessing the gameplay will be as boring as the previous ones.

Good thing I'm getting Hot Shots Golf 5 :D

Delive3806d ago

I'tt pass on this woods and the next until EA impresses with it. I'm still playing 2005 on the PS2 EA, Get a hint. My guess, Me and Tiger will play together again in 2010.

Skynetone3806d ago

Thought o4 was the best better then o5 and 06 anyway

Macdory3805d ago

Looks like a rental ...