Zipper: MAG servers will open in a few hours

MAG Servers will open in a few hours according to a post by Zipper in the MAG forums. So get ready to frag.


The MAG servers are now online

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Fulensenca3158d ago

LIE! There are already some complete reviews!


xc7x3158d ago

here's one of those "honest" complete reviews: '(from Troll Gamers Paradise) We couldn't kill nobody in the game,we died all the time and we're expert gamers so this game stinks. This beta [strike that out] sure had me convinced i don't like it because i got owned always,this sucks!!'

Delta3158d ago

And then they will be back down when its available to general public. LOL

SCEA_RULES3158d ago

those reviews all lies, there based on the betas

arsenal553158d ago

lmao at mag reviews somehow coming out before servers even opened.

Marzen3157d ago

Who would'a thunk it? Glad I didn't take a vacation day tommorrow as I don't know when Zipper will get this ironed out. I hope they're using rolling server blocks so everyone will get a chance to play while they're hardening their server systems. Bummer for now.