MAG Beta vs. Final Game

PS.Blog: "January 26 is just one day away with MAG arriving on store shelves worldwide tomorrow and throughout the week. Before you delve into your first "official" match between Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor, though, we wanted to make sure that you knew two things:

* What the differences between the Beta 5.0 and the final version are
* How we implemented your feedback from the beta to affect the retail game on day one

First, let's talk about the differences between the final game and the beta you tried out a few weeks ago – the most obvious of which is the mode and map count. Whereas before, the Beta version of MAG only offered six maps and two modes, the retail version has a full five modes with 15 maps to play. The final game also includes a handy offline training mode, unique armors, new cinematics, art galleries, trophies, and the always-popular Veteran Mode that lets you start all over again with a permanent XP bonus and the ability to switch your faction after hitting the level cap. Of course, graphical and audio improvements are in there too"

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OmarJA-N4G3243d ago

Nice! this game might turns out good... :)

I'll just wait for more reviews of the full game from trusted web sites.

captain-obvious3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

here is the list

MAG Patch v1.01

The latest patch notes can always be found on the official MAG Blog.

· Added ability for player to use knife during a reload animation.
· Applied significant tuning adjustments for all weapons and armor.
· Increased sprint duration before tiring by 30%.
· Lowered XP requirements for levels 2 thru 4.
· Lowered level-entry restrictions for Sabotage from Level 3 to Level 2.
· Lowered level-entry restrictions for Acquisition from Level 5 to Level 4.
· Lowered level-entry restrictions for Domination from Level 10 to Level 8.
· Enabled proper level requirements for unlocking headgear, facegear, and uniforms.
· Fixed problem with recoil/firing animation that kept playing for a few seconds after the player fires an automatic gun and uses knife swipe simultaneously.

· Fixed bug where incapacitated players’ nametags would occasionally disappear.
· Repositioned onscreen weapons for improved field of view.
· Armory items (facegear/ headgear/ uniforms) reordered.
· Removed helmets from “Loadout 3” for all factions.

· Made significant increase in framerate during player-heavy games.
· Changed light settings for all environments.
· Polished recoil effect for better realism.
· Fixed offset muzzle flash effect.
· Tuned camera to shake more realistically when hit by bullets.
· Adjusted “blur” effect for both normal sights and iron sights.
· Added alternate reload animation.
· New “light scatter” treatment for all skies.
· Repaired various “weapon clipping” issues.
· Enacted several particle fogging adjustments.

· Switched first-person weapon sounds to true stereo.
· Moved first-person character interactions and weapon switches to true stereo.
· Tweaked sounds effects relating to landing on surfaces.

· Added error display and queue panel updates to notify player when they’ve encountered a “join game” failure.
· Made various server stability fixes and tweaks.

sounds good

blitz06233243d ago

I love how they further improved the overall quality of the game. I was already impressed with the Beta, and their adjustments IMO did no harm to the game, only improve it.

Since it's online only, that is the best way to make it an appealing shooter.

darthv723243d ago

An 8 in my book. I do have to say, the number of players doesnt interest me and wont change my opinion of the game. If all of a sudden we go from playing the latest beta build to playing crysis level gfx and gameplay then I will gladly change my score accordingly.

For now, the beta and the final game are separated by number of players on the servers. That is the part that stands out. All other little tidbits are to insignificant to really change a final score. Just my opinion.

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Darkeyes3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

@Captain Even without those hefty improvements, the game still scored a solid 8 from sites which means it's at least a good game unlike the usual BS going around by FBs tagging it as Haze or Lair.

Such games take time to reach full potential and sadly there is no review in this world that can summarize the game for you as frankly it's all up to an individual in what he is expecting from the game. If you play it like COD, then you are gonna suck at it and in turn you will feel the game sucks.. Be more tactical and do try to get friend along and play a game using your BRAINS and not gun and run.. Trust me, it becomes so much fun when you do that.

Don't expect it to be AAA, but still it's a solid shooter if you ask me.

Chubear3243d ago

Keep playing MAG reviews, I'll be playing MAG with other PS3 gamers lol

CadDad3243d ago

.......I have to get this day 1.

I have high hopes for it, and even if it turns out terrible I have to be there for the release and the FOR SURE chaos of it all.


-Alpha3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

in terms of community support lol.

And @Chubear

if the reviews were AAA you'd be praising them, but no, they rated the game average and now you are trying to damage control. I don't expect you to ever say anything negative about the PS3 but some people actually played the beta and did not like it.

When Uncharted 2 reviews were pouring in you were praising the media and had nothing negative to say about reviews and now that MAG is the first major PS3 exclusive in a while getting average reviews you are going against them when they don't favor your pro-PS3 perspective.

Your conclusion that "you'll be playing MAG" doesn't even make sense when you criticize basing the game on reviews.

DatNJDom813243d ago

After playing the beta I found it fun, but lets be honest, there were issues. This list is reassuring. I'm definitely going to give this game some burn. And to think that Zipper listens to its fans so you know those patches are going to roll in and make the game even better. It might not put up mario bros numbers, but its definitely looks like its going to be a great game.

Chubear3243d ago

MAG servers are up and have gone LIVE people!!! :D

RememberThe3573243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

To counter your point I'm pretty sure the servers just went up. So any review of MAG would be of the beta and that is not a legitimate review.

On topic: That patch literally addresses every issue I had with the beta. I just got excited to get my hands on this game. :)

FamilyGuy3243d ago

That is a HUGE list of resolved issues and fixes, too bad everyone's ignoring THIS article (from the OFFICIAL Sony blog no less) yet giving high focus to the BS reviews out that based their reviews on a couple hours of play at some review event or even worse the beta. Maybe the review event let them play as all classes.

15 maps sounds INSANE for how big they are so that's great but I also understand why this game won't have as much interest as other fps games.

legendkilla3243d ago

that is a lot of changes!! I might have to give this a try

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necksnappa3243d ago

reviewers. that are reviewing the beta. OH sorry they played it for an hour . lol you cant review this game properly unless you play for at least a week. And all the new stuff sounds great. damn psn maintenance , IDIOTS!

blitz06233243d ago

Hmm I was hoping there would be some sort of improvements on the spawning part. But those other adjustments all look like it could very well make the game appealing

Fishy Fingers3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

This is the problem with having such large "open" betas on the consoles, their younger and dare I say sometime immatures audience confuse betas as a representation of the final product (and lets not forget those blogs). Perhaps smaller, closed betas are the way forward.

Still, with many developers releasing demos dressed as betas a few weeks before launch I suppose you cant blame the confusion in some cases. I wish they were used to better the product, not as a promotional toy.

Look forward to checking out the differences in person, the increase frame-rate and knife while reloading are a good start.

Skyreno3243d ago

TOLD YOU GUYS IMPROVEMNT TO GAME!!!! ..>> well anyway Tomorrow is day i will join battle again with my fellow SVER Soliders :) im so HYpe DAY ONE BUY for sure ......GO SVER

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