Cliff Bleszinski announces "Kick ass news soon. VERY soon."

The Lost Gamer writes "Cliff Bleszinski is sure to excite games across the globe following a rather promising announcement on Twitter today."

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SlipperyMooseCakes3242d ago

But I guess all things point to Microsoft Game Fest in early Feb. That is my guess.

qface643242d ago

probably just gonna announce some updates to the unreal engine something lame like that i mean they have done it before

if i remember right didn't epic say that the geow trilogy would be finished on the next xbox

Jamegohanssj53242d ago

Gears Wars for Natal.


Agent Smith3242d ago

Hide behind the couch for cover. Run while bending your knees and leaning forward to Roadie Run. Flail your arms to use your lancer. You become tired of the game in 10 minutes because we all know gamers don't exercise.

artsaber3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I love some Gears, but I agree, the Roadie Run is the absolute dumbest animated run style ever. Everytime I see it I laugh, Squat running with 150lbs of gear on without your knees falling off is an instant classic. Sometimes imperfections like this make the game more fun for me, it adds hidden amusement whereas there shouldn't be any... intentional or not.

I wonder if all those moves you mentioned will be controlled in Natal just as you say. I doubt it, but it would make a funny YouTube clip.

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NewZealander3242d ago

gears 3 at X10?

if so they really need to impress this time, more of the same just wont cut it for me.

learn from bioware, take a great game and polish it in every way possible, ME2 shows how sequels should be done.

Solidus187-SCMilk3242d ago

those games would be great, who knows tho.

likedamaster3242d ago


Running while ducking is what the roadie run supposed to be, and they executed. I personally love the roadie run, but only for Gears 1. I hate how they changed the view in Gears 2. Camera angle is further up, nothing gamebreaking though.

On topic/
Anything but Gears 3, I want that gem to release on the next Microsoft platform. New IP please.

Red Panda3241d ago

after cliff the queef hyped up gears 2 and it turned out to be a broken piece of crap, I remain cautious when this boy speaks. It would also be nice if epic made a game where the main characters are not steroid freaks who all look the same everytime.

fuckitimout3241d ago

developed/prioritized on the ps3 because of the cell. the 360 will get the port this time around and since the graphics and ai will take a hit, the 360 version will get an exclusive weapon

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WildArmed3242d ago


Better not be pushing natal in there >.>

Buttons3242d ago usually not found on N4G.

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matt2473242d ago

It was his 360th tweet, 360 exclusive confirmed

OpenGL3242d ago

I don't think this being his 360th tweet was an accident. I would prefer it if they saved Gears of War 3 for the neXtBOX as a kickass launch title, but if the next machine isn't coming for another 3 years, I can't blame them for wanting to get another title on the 360.