Eurogamer: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Hands-On

EA DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke is talking about first-person shooters. "Nobody wants to be Charlie Brown," he says. "Everybody wants to be Snoopy."

Thankfully, he's not revealing the fruits of any alarming spitballing sessions by the backroom boys at DICE (Peanuts is clearly a BioWare MMO with a particularly over-developed morality system rather than a blaster anyway). Rather, he's explaining some of the problems players had with the original Bad Company's solo campaign.

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ForTheFallen3243d ago

the author just basically compared this game to MW2...what a ssabmud. He did, however, state what was good about the game, he just couldn't let MW2 go lol, who gives a tihs about that's just a clone of the first one, in every way...