Mass Effect 2: Ten Things We Love

GameDaily writes: Multiple reasons why you should get your hands on BioWare's science-fiction epic.

When BioWare released Mass Effect a couple of years ago, we found its universe incredibly entertaining, with over 60 hours of gameplay and a huge emotional impact. We had no idea, though, that the sequel (hitting shelves this Tuesday) would surpass the original. Our review will go up later this week, but for now, here are ten reasons why you shouldn't hesitate to purchase this game.

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ReBurn3243d ago

Good article. I'm looking forward to getting into this story.

willud4skins3243d ago

i had a feeling there would be a reference to alien boobs in here.

PtRoLLFacE3243d ago

soo now there 10 thinks they love, later is 10 things they hate wtf

Nihilism3243d ago

#1 That the PC version only has a disk check, so I don't have to go online and register it to play it, and can install it whenever the hell I want :D

pwneddemocrat3243d ago

the article is so awesome but
they mentioned the relationships -sex scenes- but left out saying about the combat lol

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