Next Platinum Games title to be announced on Gametrailers TV

The Lost Gamer writes "Geoff Keighley has just announced on Twitter that the global announcement of the next title from Platinum Games, developers of the recently acclaimed title Bayonetta, is set to happen within this weeks GTTV Show."

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MajestieBeast3247d ago

Bayonetta 2 the only thing they changed is that they made her outfit more revealing.


Another Platinum Games game!!!! Now this with i guess. Ohh I cant hardly wait for SEGA to do a crap job with the game. To be honest after all the Bayonneta overhyping I really dont care for this guys. Yes I post because I want. LOL!!


saint_john_paul_ii3247d ago

how about they make sure that the PS3 version of their games run better now?

himdeel3247d ago

...unless they are dedicated to putting together a good project for all release systems I'm not interested :(

Sure I can change my mind but I'm hesitant.